The meaning of the upper left eye twitch according to primbon and medical, a good sign or bad?

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Eye illustration.  Photo: Unsplash/Marina Vitale

Hopers, have you ever experienced eye twitching in the upper left or right side? Yes, eye twitch is believed to have its own meaning according to the primbon. According to various sources compiled by Hops, the meaning of a left eye twitch has different meanings depending on where it is located. But, what does eye twitch actually mean when viewed medically?

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The meaning of left eye twitch according to primbon

Eye illustration. Photo: Unsplash/Marina Vitale

Left petal

If your left eyelid is twitching, it is usually associated with a sign that you will experience an unpleasant event. One of them is sadness. Sadness itself can be caused by many things, such as separation from loved ones to feelings of loss.

Left eyebrow

If the twitch in the left eyelid indicates something is not good, the case is different with the twitch in the left eyebrow. Twitch in the left eyebrow is actually a good sign. If you feel a twitch in your left eyebrow, it is said that you will get a fortune. Usually, luck itself is of many kinds, it can be in the form of wealth, loved ones, or others.

Upper left eye corner

Have you ever felt a twitch in the upper left corner of your eye? It is said that, according to Javanese primbon, you will meet again with relatives who have been separated for a long time if you experience a twitch in this section.

Left eyeball

Just like eyebrows, eyeballs are also believed to experience twitching. If your left eyeball is twitching, it is said that this is also a sign of good news.

Eye illustration.  Photo: Unsplash/Bacila Vlad
Eye illustration. Photo: Unsplash/Bacila Vlad

Medical causes of eye twitch

Reported from HellohealthIn the media world, eye twitching is known as myokymia. The pulsation is caused by the nerves of the upper or lower eyelids being tensed and spasming. Usually, twitches that occur in the eye are painless and harmless.

However, in some cases, eye twitching can also be very annoying if the intensity is too frequent or too strong.

There are several factors that actually trigger eye twitching, including fatigue or lack of sleep, consumption of caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol, staring at gadgets for too long, and consuming certain drugs. Not only that, twitching of the eyes can also indicate certain diseases, such as Blepharospasm, Hemificial spasm, Bell’s palsy, Dystonia, Multiple sclerosis.

To better understand the eye twitch you are experiencing, you can consult a doctor, yes, Hopers!

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