‘The King’s Affection’ Gets Highest Rating, ‘IDOL: The Coup’ Gets Down | Kpop Chart

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The drama ‘The King’s Affection’ managed to get the highest rating in its latest episode.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of ‘The King’s Affection’ which aired on Tuesday (16/11) yesterday received an average rating of 8.8%.

Not only is it higher than the 7.1% rating in the previous episode, this is also their highest rating since broadcast on KBS.

On the other hand, the drama ‘IDOL: The Coup’ on JTBC got their worst rating since airing with 0.56% gain.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ recorded a rating of 5.1%, not much different from the previous episode’s rating of 5.3%.

Of the three Monday-Tuesday dramas above, which one is your favorite drama? (NBCNEWS)

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