The condition of the Arowana Tukul Revealed by Vega Darwanti: The pain is quite worrying

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Tukul Arowana (Seno/

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NBCNEWS – Vega Darwanti just visited Arowana hammer who was critically unconscious due to bleeding in the brain. For several weeks Tukul was treated at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON) until he was not allowed to be seen. Vega also revealed the current condition of Tukul.

“Yes, thank God, after a few days, Mas Tukul was sick, indeed, the family did not allow friends, relatives, relatives to visit because Mas Tukul’s condition at that time could not communicate, his response at that time was not as good as now,” said Vega Darwanti after filling the event at TransTV, Jl. Tendean, South Jakarta, Tuesday (17/11).

Seeing that Tukul’s condition has improved and is even now starting to communicate makes Vega grateful. Vega said that although he could not interact as usual, Tukul was able to understand his interlocutor.

Tukul Arowana (Seno/NBCNEWS)

“Thank God I had the time to visit Mas Tukul yesterday, I have come to the house. Yes, you know, you know, I know, then maybe if you don’t say anything but you can respond like smile, raise your hand, then ‘Mas let’s take a selfie, take a selfie’. But indeed, communication has not been and is still being maintained, it is still in intensive care, “explained Vega Darwanti.

Vega did not deny that Tukul Arowana had a serious illness. However, we should be grateful that Tukul’s recovery was so fast after two months of treatment.

“Thank God his condition is getting better, I can see that it’s really fast. Actually, Mas Tukul’s condition is quite worrying, but I also see the progress of healing, his recovery after yesterday’s brain surgery and other treatments, thank God, it’s been really good, “concluded Vega Darwanti.

Arowana hammer He was rushed to the PON hospital on September 22, 2021 due to a brain hemorrhage. According to the doctor at the PON Hospital, the brain hemorrhage experienced by the tukul was caused by uncontrolled hypertension.



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