Ronaldinho’s clever assist moments in the Brazilian League, Jenius

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“A brilliant figure who once grazed.”

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NBCNEWS – When you are asked who is the best player in history? Perhaps, many people will call the Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho, worthy of being called the best.

Ronaldinho is one of the most creative footballers ever to shine on the gridiron.

Although you’d have a hard time arguing that the Barcelona icon deserves a spot on the list of best players. But, in a different light, the Brazilian legend is unmatched in the entertainment value he displays.

Ronaldinho achieved what many thought was impossible in finding the Goldilocks (fairy tale) zone between being a world class robotic footballer and a pure entertainer who never made it to the top level.

The fact Ronaldinho reached the standards of a Ballon d’Or winner without sacrificing his exhilarating football brand made him a player loved by the fans.

There were many of Ronaldinho’s greatest moments during his impressive performances for both Barcelona and the Brazil national team.

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The footage of his unique moments on YouTube is nothing short of Ronaldinho’s compilations and montages. It proved itself to be the most inventive athlete we have ever seen.

It was one of the tricks that caught our attention the most about Ronaldinho’s underestimation of genius, even though it was something no other player had ever produced.

To visit that moment, we have to go back to Ronaldinho’s time with Atletico Mineiro – which is really an understatement – and the 2-1 win over Sao Paulo in 2013.

Ronaldinho’s Clever Assist

Ronaldinho’s clever assist came when he was able to avoid offside. On the other hand he has also been able to make important plays over the years with his unique way of providing the opening goal.

The inspired assist came just seconds after Ronaldinho appeared to ask legendary goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni for his water bottle. While Atletico Mineiro prepares to throw-in.

The action left Ronaldinho about 13 meters behind the Sao Paulo defense. That fact is a testament to the genius of Ronaldinho, who was freed from the offside trap when a throw-in occurred.

Some fantastic improvisations from Ronaldinho allowed him to collect the ball in positions that would normally be considered offside to score in an instant. See below:

That must be Ronaldinho, right?

Is It a Bottle Trick?

Now, we’d love to sit here and pretend that Ronaldinho purposely asked Ceni for water to sneak as far as possible before scoring.

Ronaldinho’s ingenuity opened Atletico Mineiro’s advantage to provide a beautiful assist to his colleague in front of Sao Paolo’s goal.

Therefore, we would be lying if we said Ronaldinho hung out with the goalkeeper just seconds before he humiliated Ceni. There’s an impression Ronaldinho made the goal look too bad.

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