Reza DA drops divorce after 5 months of marriage, the response of the ex-wife’s family is shocking

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Reza DA and Valda Alviana.  Photo: Instagram

Reza DA admitted that he was shocked when he heard the response of his ex-wife’s family, Valda Alviana, when she dropped the divorce after five months of marriage. Now, the couple, who got married on January 17, 2021, has officially divorced since September 14, 2021.

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In addition, Reza DA also explained that one of the reasons for the divorce was Valda’s unpreparedness to hold the status of an artist’s wife. Whereas from the start, Valda had no problem with Reza DA’s work. What is the full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Reza DA is shocked about the response of his ex-wife’s family

After returning Valda Alviana to his parents house Reza DA feel surprised. The reason, Reza was not contacted at all by Valda. It was only on his birthday that Reza received a birthday greeting from Valda in the afternoon. Since then, the singer of the Sea of ​​Lies felt he had to make a decision. So that on May 16, 2021, the singer of Arab blood dropped his divorce on Valda.

“On the 16th night (May) Eza divorced him. His mother and father are divorced, so he grew up with his uncle, the first person Eza told his uncle, because his father could not call Eza at that time,” said Reza DA, launching the Indosiar Monday Spirit program on the Vidio application on Wednesday (11/17/21). .

Reza DA and Valda. Photo: Instagram

Reza DA then felt shocked when he heard the response of his ex-wife’s family when he divorced Valda. Reza said, Valda’s family already knew that the marriage would not last long.

“And how did they respond? If people are given divorce information or not (shocked, concerned, sad). What shocked Eza was also because of his answers, his cousins, aunts, uncles, their answers were ‘I thought this would happen, I thought it wouldn’t take long’, he said.

Therefore, Reza DA felt cheated and cheated. “So Eza ‘wow I was lied to’, what do you mean? Eza said that, (Valda’s family) ‘yes, it’s like this’ so Eza is angry, why don’t you all say that this child is like this. You are all wrong with you not telling me this detailed information. Eza honestly cheated, really cheated. Because from the start, Eza thought he was ready for everything, being the wife of an artist.”

Reza DA and Valda

In addition, Reza DA also told of his initial meeting with Valda Alviana, namely during an off air event in Purwokerto. Since then, Valda often visits events held by Reza. Long story short, after not having known each other for a long time, Reza asked his mother to contact Valda’s parents.

“Eza talked to mom, ‘try calling Valda, calling her mom, ask her if anyone has anything yet’ Mom called, mom said, ‘This Eza has a purpose like this,’ she answered, ‘oh, this is what we’ve been waiting for’,” said Reza DA.

Reza DA.  Photo: YouTube
Reza DA. Photo: YouTube

Since the beginning, Reza DA and his family have reminded Valda that Reza is an artist. Valda didn’t have a problem with Reza’s job at that time.

“But remember, Reza is an artist, then Reza’s house will be Abi, Mamah, Reza’s sister, Eza’s niece, who from birth Eza swore to be Eza’s son ‘Yes, that’s Reza’s obligation’. Valda was also asked, ‘Yes, Valda is ready if this is Valda’s mate, Valda Bismillah’,” he said.

But when he got married, Reza DA said that Valda was not ready to be the wife of an artist.

“It turns out that the application seems like there is no synchronization with what was started and after the results. Eza can’t mention everything, but there are things that are really, really if the news is getting messy, Eza will tell everything,” concluded Reza DA.

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