Review of the Indonesia vs Afghanistan National Team Match

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“Thinly lost to the Lion Khorosan, quickly clean up”

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NBCNEWS – The Indonesian national team must recognize Afghanistan’s superiority. Garuda national team lost 1-0 against Afghanistan in Antalya, Turkey. The goal was scored in the 84th minute due to a miscommunication from the defenders.

The Indonesian national team was actually able to slightly control the game. However, less effective in completing opportunities. Noted, the national team was able to do 8 shots and only once that led to the goal. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is very effective in taking advantage of opportunities. Afghanistan was able to record 4 shots and all of them were on goal.

The match was pretty tough. Each team moves aggressively. Afghanistan recorded 15 tackles and made 11 fouls. While the Indonesian national team recorded 10 tackles and resulted in 5 violations for the Indonesian national team.

This match shows the lack of creativity in the Indonesian national team’s midfield. The reason is, an Elkan Baggott who incidentally plays as a defender, even recorded 41 more successful passes than players on the attack line.

Muhammad Riyandi actually performed quite well by making 3 saves for the Indonesian national team. However, the lack of focus on the Indonesian national team’s defense line ended up in 84′ minute the Indonesian national team conceded and was punished with a goal from Afghanistan.

The Indonesian national team will still face two more test matches against Myanmar and Antalyaspor. The match is planned to be held on November 25 vs Myanmar and November 28 vs Antalyaspor. There is still time to get things right before the 2020 AFF Cup tournament gets underway.

10 Photos of Daniella Semaan, Cesc Fabregas’ Wife Who Was Nicknamed Queen of the WAGs

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