Princess Diana’s Household Destroyed, Prince William Blames Camilla Parker Bowles

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Camilla Parker Bowles (Depositphotos)

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NBCNEWS – Camilla Parker Bowles is considered the figure most responsible for the destruction of Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. As is known, Camilla is the third person in the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Diana herself once referred to Camilla as a figure who contributed to her broken household with Charles.

Not only Diana who is annoyed with infidelity Charles and Camilla. Prince William also felt the same way. It was reported that after Princess Diana’s death in 1997, William did not want to see or have any contact with Camilla. However, William finally agreed to meet his father’s girlfriend in 1998. Their meeting took place in St. James Palace and lasted 30 minutes. The Irish Times reports that after the chat, Camilla said to a friend, “I need a gin and tonic.”

Camilla Parker Bowles (Depositphotos)

Author about the British Empire, Katie Nicholl, said William’s conversation with Camilla at that time was awkward. The reason, William is so frontal to Camilla. “William blamed Camilla for all the hurt he caused his mother,” Nicholl wrote in his book, Harry and William, as reported by Express.

Prince Charles and Camilla wed on April 9, 2005. The couple married in a civil ceremony, in which the queen and Prince Philip did not attend the event. Even so, it was Queen Elizabeth II who hosted Charles’ wedding reception with Camilla. While Prince William married Kate Middleton in April 2011.


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