Pasha Kawin Lari, Sinetron A WIFE’S DIARY IS MORE EXCITING

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NBCNEWS – SCTV consistently presents shows to accompany its loyal viewers. One of them is through soap operas A WIFE’S DIARY.

soap operas A WIFE’S DIARY continues to show excellent performance. Proven by the always high rating. Viewers seem to have been attracted by the storyline of this soap opera, including the twists and turns experienced by Pasha.

Luki and Dewi are happy, because Pasha finally wants to marry Lula even though Arman and Diana don’t approve. Dewa and Nana also agree and support their love.

Pasha and Lula are like an inseparable couple. Pasha had previously married Friska in the midst of all her inner struggles. But now, he was back in Lula’s arms.

Even so, there are those who are not happy with Pasha and Lula’s wedding plans. Moreover, marriage is like elopement. Do you think the marriage will still last? Find the answer on SCTV every day at 21:35 WIB.

A WIFE’S DIARY is a soap opera produced by SinemArt which premiered on January 12, 2021 on SCTV. This soap opera is directed by Maruli Ara and stars Zoe Jackson, Cinta Brian, Antonio Blanco Jr., Rangga Azof, Hana Saraswati, and a number of other stars.

This soap opera tells the story of Nana (Zoe Jackson) who is forced to marry Dewa Buwana (Cinta Brian) at the request of Wawan (Umar Lubis), his father. However, their marriage did not go as smoothly as Nana had hoped.

Dewa was forced to comply with Wawan’s wish because he did not want to be imprisoned for hitting Wawan. Nana’s daily life is a tormented married life without any love between the two of them.

While Dewa, who had loved Alya (Hana Saraswati) from the start and was planning to get married but was blocked by his mother’s blessing, Farah (Dian Nitami) finally remained in a relationship with Alya.


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