Once Blown Up by Mossad, Iran’s Karaj Nuclear Site Operates Again

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NBCNEWS – Iran has reportedly resumed production of equipment for advanced centrifuges at the Karaj nuclear site that was detonated by Mossad.

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The facility exploded in June, with Iran accusing the Israeli intelligence entity of being behind it.

The centrifugal production activity was reported by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday (16/11), citing western diplomatic sources.

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It said Iran could start secretly diverting advanced centrifuges to undeclared sites if it wanted to clandestinely move closer to nuclear weapons.

Centrifuges enrich uranium for potentially nuclear weapons, and some of the more advanced Iranian models can accelerate the process by four to five times as fast as older models.

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These concerns were compounded by the fact by the IAEA’s admission in September that it had been blind to what was happening in Karaj since June.

That’s because of Iran’s refusal to give nuclear inspectors access to the site or explain what happened to the surveillance cameras.

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Tehran itself claims that the delay in IAEA access relates to its investigation into a June sabotage attack in which the site was attacked by drones allegedly directed by Mossad.

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