Nirina Zubir Becomes a Victim of the Land Mafia, Losses Reaching Rp. 17 billion.

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Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia.  (Seno/

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NBCNEWSNirina Zubir become a victim of the land mafia. The assets belonging to Nirina’s late mother, Cut Indria Martini, in the form of several plots of land were embezzled by her household assistant.

At first, Cut Indria Martini thought his land papers were missing. He then entrusted his household assistant named Riri Khasmita to take care of the letters. Unexpectedly, Riri actually abused Cut Indria Martini’s trust.

“Initially, my mother thought the letter was lost, so she asked for help from the household member who has been working since 2009 to help with the paperwork,” said Nirina Zubir, at a press conference in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11).

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia. (Seno/NBCNEWS)

Cut Indria Martini asked Riri Khasmita for help in 2017. Two years did not end, Nirina found that her mother’s land certificates had changed names.

“Instead of being taken care of but it turns out that he secretly exchanged all the letters with his personal name, the name of Riri Khasmita from Bukittinggi, his son Nurhasni syah and her husband Edrianto,” said Nirina.

A total of six land certificates were embezzled by Riri Khasmita. Two of them have been sold by Riri Khasmita.

“Six letters were exchanged with them, some were pledged to the bank and some were sold and we suspect the money was used for the frozen chicken business, which already has 5 branches,” said Nirina Zubir.

mother Nirina Zubir died in 2019. At that time, Nirina just found out about the land problem her mother was experiencing. Unmitigated, the losses experienced reached 17 billion rupiah.

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia.  (Seno/

Nirina Zubir is a victim of the land mafia. (Seno/NBCNEWS)


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