News of being expelled from Raffi Ahmad’s house, Dimas Ahmad gives an explanation

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Dimas Ahmad (Seno/

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NBCNEWS – The popularity of Dimas Ramadhan aka Dimas Ahmad later faded. He rarely appears on Rans Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Even the news that blows, he was expelled from the palace of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina in the Andara area, Depok.

The figure of Dimas Ahmad became a byword for having a facial resemblance to the Sultan of Andara, Raffi Ahmad. His name was getting bigger after he joined Raffi and Gigi’s Rans Entertainment. Dimas’s face has never been absent on Rans Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Made him selling well as a guest star on a number of TV shows.

But lately Dimas Ahmad rarely seen on Rans Entertainment’s YouTube content. Curious, Feni Rose picked it up when Dimas was present as a guest on the show Rumpi which he guides. Dimas denied that his career had declined. He deliberately reduced his appearance first because he was preparing a surprise.

Dimas Ahmad (Seno/NBCNEWS)

“It’s not going down, really. It’s just that we have to rest first. The name is a surprise, we have to prepare it first,” Dimas Ahmad said as quoted from the Trans TV Official YouTube channel. “Oh there is a surprise, very arrogant,” said Feni Rose.

“Yes, please wait,” said Dimas wearing a green hoodie.

Dimas Ahmad also straightened out the news that he was expelled from Raffi Ahmad’s house. Since migrating to Jakarta, Dimas is known to live at Andara’s house, precisely at the Rans Entertainment office. But recently he decided to stay.

“Why do you stay, because you’re a human, you have to have privacy. If you stay in Andara, it’s also an office, then it’s Aa’s house, it’s not good there, I also have a lot of stuff. Like how many clothes are there,” the child explained to -2 of 4 siblings.

Pursuing an artistic career, Dimas Ahmad who has been single for eight years will not leave the world of education. Next year he plans to go to college. Raffi Ahmad himself on one occasion said he would lecture Dimas until he finished.



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