Like a Champion, Persik Kediri Was Delivered by Supporters Towards The Third Series of BRI Liga 1 | NBCNEWS

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Hundreds of supporters let go of the Persik Kediri group who will fight in the third series of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 on Wednesday (11/17/2021).

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The third series of BRI Liga 1 will be held in the Yogyakarta and Central Java clusters starting on November 19.

Persikmania, a supporter of Persik, escorted the bus that was carrying Javier Roca and his troops from the players’ camp on Jalan PK Bangsa to the Nganjuk toll exit.

The sight made new figures in the Persik Kediri squad, such as Javier Roca (head coach), Danilo Fernando (Technical Director), and Angel Rosa (physical coach) feel proud.

“Persikmania is amazing. Back when I was a player, I already felt that atmosphere in the stadium. But millennial Persikmania are no less fanatical than their predecessors,” said Javier Roca.

Danilo Fernando did not join the group. He will follow to Yogyakarta the next day. He chose a discussion with a representative of the supporters in the players’ mess.

“Persikmania has not changed. I used to be close to them too. The difference is, this time Persikmania is filled with millennial young people who are creative and militant. So I have to get to know the new generation of Persikmania,” said Danilo Fernando.

The agenda for the release of this team was purely Persikmania’s initiative to motivate the team to achieve better results in the third series later. Understandably, when Persik is still in 15th place in the standings with a collection of 10 points.

The public of Kediri hopes that the joining of Javier Roca and Danilo Fernando will be able to lift the team to a better rank in the standings list.

“We have had a long career in Indonesia. This time, I really feel proud to be the coach of Persik. We will try our best and ask for prayers from the people of Kediri,” said Javier Roca.

Peach’s struggle in the third series is not easy. The match opened with a prestige-laden East Java derby, Persik cons Arema FC. As is known, the emotional rivalry between the White Tiger and the Mad Singo has been going on since 2003. The trigger, Persik Team Manager Iwan Budianto brought several Arema stars to Kediri. (

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