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Persita Tangerang will host Bhayangkara FC in week 12 of Liga 1 2021, Thursday (18/11/21) at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman. This will be the first meeting between the two teams in an official competition.

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Persita, which acts as the host, is faced with a tough test because Bhayangkara FC is the current leader of the League 1 standings. Therefore, the Cisadane Warriors team was extra vigilant.

“What is certain is Bhayangkara, we also respect Bhayangkara. They are already ranked first,” said Widodo C. Putro as the coach of Persita.

Persita will not be full squad tomorrow against Bhayangkara because there are three mainstay players who are absent. They are Adam Mitter (injured), Alex Goncalves (administrative permit) and Edo Febriansah who are allowed to join the Indonesian National Team TC.

Meanwhile, Bhayangkara FC has also prepared well. Coach Paul Munster said he was still looking for victory and did not take Persita lightly.

“All of our players are ready in any condition. Persita a good team, they also won a few times and got good results so far. They are a strong team so we can’t underestimate them.”

Estimated Line-up

Tangerang Persita (4-3-3):
Dhika Bayangkara; Muhammad Toha, Herwin Saputra, Agung Prasetyo, Kevin Gomes; Taufiq Febriyanto, Bae Sin Yeong Harrison Cardoso; Irsyad Maulana, Aldi Al Achya, Ahmad Nur Hardianto.

Bhayangkara FC (4-3-3):
Setho Cloud; Putu Gede, Anderson Salles, Hansamu Yama, Ruben Sanadi; Lee Yujun, Muhamad Hargianto, Adam Alis; Andik Vermansyah, Wahyu Subo Seto, Ezechiel Ndouasel.

Players to watch:

Persita : Irsyad Maulana
This agile winger is likely to be the axis of Persita’s attacks, especially counter attacks. Ersyad’s role is very crucial because he has accurate passing and finishing accuracy.

Irsyad has scored three goals and two assists from 10 matches played with Persita. Irsyad can also act as an attack motor with Harrison Cardoso.

Bhayangkara FC : Ezechiel N’Douassel
The Chadian striker is certainly still the main choice of coach Paul Munster. Eze has scored seven goals in 10 matches he has played.

Speed, physical strength, headers and slick finishing are the advantages of King Eze. He can also move to pick up the ball, go wide and be a bouncer for other players such as Renan Silva, Adam Alis and others.


(Never met in the official competition Persita 1-0 Bhayangkara FC (trial 2020)

Last 5 matches in Liga 1 2021:
Persita :
Persita 1-1 Persiraja
Persita 2-1 Persikabo
Arema FC 2-2 Persita
Persita 0-3 PSM Makassar
Madura United 1-2 Persita

Bhayangkara FC :
Bhayangkara FC 0-2 Persib
Bali United 1-2 Bhayangkara FC Bhayangkara FC 2-1Borneo
Persikabo 0-1 Bhayangkara FC
Bhayangkara 2-0 PSM Makassar

INDOSPORT Predictions
Persita : 30 percent
Bhayangkara FC : 50 percent
Draw: 20 percent.

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