Latest News Eric Abidal, Allegedly Involved in Kheira Hamraoui’s Persecution Case

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“Romance motive.

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NBCNEWS – In recent weeks, the world of women’s soccer has been shocked by
the case of persecution that befell the female Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) midfielder, Kheira Hamraoui.

After a short time it calmed down with the arrest of Aminata Diallo, who was none other than his teammate. The case has now entered a new chapter and surprisingly this time it involved Barcelona legend Eric Abidal and his wife

Previously, on Thursday (4/11/2021), Hamraoui, who was with Diallo after returning from an event, was unexpectedly intercepted by two masked men. And suddenly Hamraoui’s leg was hit with an iron rod several times, and after launching the action, the perpetrators fled.

10 Photos of Daniella Semaan, Cesc Fabregas’ Wife Who Was Nicknamed Queen of the WAGs

Surprisingly, the perpetrator did not take anything from Hamraoui and did not target Aminata Diallo. This raises the suspicion that the perpetrator’s actions were actually just a trap motive from Aminata Diallo to harm Hamraoui so he could not play.

The reason, Aminata Diallo and Hamraoui have the same playing position.
For this, Aminata was detained by the Versailles Police, France, on Wednesday (11/10/2021) and after being interrogated, she was finally released 2 days later.

And at that point, Aminata gave some information, including the words made by the two masked people.

“So you slept with a married man?” Diallo said of what the two masked men had said to Hamraoui.

Those words also eventually led to Eric Abidal’s wife, Hayet. According to a report from Le Parisien, Hamraoui was explained to have had a special relationship with Abidal and there was a possible revenge motive that was the trigger in this case.

Later, Abidal will be interrogated by the relevant officers after finding evidence in the form of a SIM card in Hamraoui’s phone bearing the name of the former Barcelona player, as well as Abidal’s wife who will be questioned.

Abidal’s lawyer, Maitre Olivier Martin, said: “He is in no way connected directly or indirectly with the attack on Hamraoui. He will answer all questions put to him.”

Let’s wait for developments and see how this case goes.

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