Jude Bellingham’s Moment Ignore Boy Who Asks For Jersey, His Heart Breaks

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“In fact, the distance between the boy and the person who gets the Bellingham jersey is only 2-3 meters.”

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NBCNEWS – Imagine that you are a child who loves football and idolizes certain players. And, on one occasion, you are in the stadium watching your favorite team. After the game, you really want the jersey of the player. When the player is in front of you with the jersey thrown, it’s not for you.

That’s what a boy felt in England’s match against San Marino. The Three Lions won 10-0 and at the end of the match Jude Bellingham had a habit of going up to the fans to give them a jersey.

Unfortunately Bellingham do not have enough jerseys to give to several supporters at once. There was one supporter, a young teenager, who looked so intent on asking for a Bellingham jersey that he wrote on the nameplate.

However, the young Borussia Dortmund star did not seem to see the teenager’s presence, and finally the jersey was given to another supporter. Unfortunately, the distance between the boy and the lucky supporters was only 2-3 meters.

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In that game, Bellingham completed 90 minutes of competition for the first time. He also performed very well. Gareth Southgate himself in the match gave many opportunities to young players.

Apart from Bellingham being indifferent to supporters asking for jerseys, the 18-year-old himself is a good person. He is known to be very friendly with everyone, especially fans. He never hesitates to stop as the fans wait for him in front of the club’s training base.

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