Increase Intimacy! These are Tips for Pillow Talking with Your Partner

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NBCNEWS, Do you feel disconnected from your partner, both physically and emotionally? If so, you may need to do it regularly pillow talk. These are intimate conversations that occur while you are in bed with him.

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In pillow talk, You and your partner will hug, stare, caress, or talk from heart to heart. The sensation of kissing on an intimate night with your partner can make you feel more open and honest. Although people tend to associate pillow talk with sex, this activity goes far beyond its sexual connotation.

Pillow talk not always sexual but always emotional,” said Dr. Jane Fleishman, Ph.D, an AASECT-certified sexuality educator, quoted ACCURATE.CO Wednesday (11/17/2021).

Pillow talk makes couples feel freer and closer, which increases love for each other and love for themselves,” says Alisa Ruby Bash, licensed marriage and family therapist.

At the time of doing pillow talk, you and your partner can start a conversation as if you were back at the beginning of the relationship. Try to feel the moment when you feel deeply in love and want to know more, according to marriage and family therapist Dr. Juliana Morris.

You and your partner can remember special moments such as the first date, the first movie you watched together, and so on.

Also avoid talking about heavy things. For example, you have a busy day, and you have a lot on your mind. No matter how difficult your day is, save your complaints for another time. Topics about ex-lover, past fights, complaints, finances, criticism, and major life decisions also need to be avoided when pillow talk.

Of course, it’s not healthy to avoid this topic altogether, so you and your partner should also have important conversations. While talking, you can simply cross your legs over your partner or lightly rub their back or arms.

Another thing to note is getting rid of all gadgets because it can distract you or your partner from the intimacy you really need.

Remember, pillow talk It doesn’t always have to be about sex. However, experts recommend doing pillow talk after having sex.

Reporting from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, doing pillow Talking with your partner after sex can improve the quality of your relationship as a partner and your sex life.

When you want pillow talk leads to sex, try starting with a compliment to your partner. Then build on that compliment by mentioning a specific sexual behavior that you enjoy. Finally, move the conversation to the things you want to try and fantasize about.

Pillow talk It’s about letting go, letting go of vulnerability, and showing up authentically with a partner,” says Morris.[]


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