How to Educate Nagita Slavina’s Mother’s Children Reap Pros and Cons

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Every parent has their own way of educating their children. Likewise with Nagita Slavina and Caca Tengker’s mother, Rieta Amilia.

Although known to come from a rich family, Rieta never allowed her children to grow up to be spoiled. He accustomed his daughter to work from a young age.

This was revealed by Rieta in a recent Venna Melinda YouTube video. This former famous artist never let his son get things without working.

In the past, Gigi (Nagita), I gave an example, ‘I want to buy a bag, please’. ‘Yes, if you want to buy it, you have to work. Do you want to play FTV?’, ‘Ah, don’t want to, like this, like this’. ‘Yeah, you don’t have to’,” said Rieta Amilia, launching a YouTube show for Verrell Bramasta’s mother.

So they don’t ask for anything, buy it from me, no. Both are. So if they want something, they have to work first. It can’t be good, just ask,” continued Rieta again.

Furthermore, Rieta Amilia said that her two daughters finally got used to working first before getting the things they wanted.


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