How to Clean Your Own AC at Home. No need to call service, it’s more economical

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Getting here, use air conditioner or AC at the household level is increasing because of the higher temperature rise, making the air hot and ‘hot’. Especially for people who live in the capital city, air conditioning seems to have become a basic need. Eitss, not only from using it, you also have to regularly clean it so that the air conditioner is always in good condition and works optimally.

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You don’t have to use AC cleaning services, you can also do it yourself at home. The materials used are also easy to find so it can save more expenses. Well, this time Hipwee will provide an easy way to clean the air conditioner yourself at home. Come on, see the full review!

1. First, you have to prepare the tools that will be used to clean the air conditioner

Prepare a tool to clean the air conditioner | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Before starting to clean the air conditioner, you need to prepare several materials that will be used starting from an old toothbrush, duster, cleaning fluid, screwdriver, water, AC cleaning fluid, and also a clean cloth. Do not forget to use a mask and gloves to avoid dust entering the nose and respiratory tract.

2. Make sure you have unplugged all cables connected to the power source to minimize the occurrence of short circuits

Unplugging the cable from the power switch | Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

After preparing the tools to be used, you also have to make sure that the AC is turned off and unplug all the electricity. You can also apply duct tape to the switch to minimize splashes of water entering the hole and causing a short circuit.

3. The cleaning process starts from opening the AC cover and cleaning the part of the dirt that sticks up

Open the air conditioner cover | Credit via

The AC cleaning process begins by opening the cover or cover the air conditioner with a screwdriver gently. After the cover is open, you can clean it with a duster or vacuum cleaner to lift dust that sticks well on the surface to the ventilation blades. You can also use a damp cloth to clean stubborn dust stains and clean it again with a dry cloth so that the cover is cleaner.

When the AC cover is open, you can also see the AC filter. Make sure you first check the condition of the filter, if it is still in good condition and there is no damage, you can clean it immediately.

4. After that, you can continue to clean the AC filter section by doing several cleaning steps

Air conditioning filter cleaning | Credit via

You can clean the AC filter section by using a tool in the form of an old toothbrush, brush, wet cloth, or a vacuum cleaner. So that the filter cleaning process is maximized, you can also remove it from the air conditioner with the help of a screwdriver. If the filter is in a fairly dirty condition, you can soak it in a special AC washing liquid to kill mold and other germs.

After that, you can start cleaning the filter with a cleaning liquid such as dish soap and scrubbing gently using an old brush or toothbrush. Then, rinse the filter that has been given soap with clean water and dry using a dry cloth so that there is no dust attached.

5. Also clean the AC evaporator so that it can re-absorb the hot steam from the refrigeration to the maximum

Clean the air conditioner evaporator | Credit via

Before cleaning the evaporator, make sure you cover the floor and wall areas near the air conditioner. This is because there is dirty water that will drip during the cleaning process and there is a possibility that it will contaminate the walls and floor around the air conditioner. You can prepare a small bucket to collect dirty water from the cleaning process.

Then, you can start cleaning the evaporator using AC cleaning fluid which is currently being sold in many stores marketplace. Spray the cleaning fluid slowly and precisely onto the AC blades so that the evaporator coil is clean and does not damage other components. After cleaning, put the AC cover back on and continue cleaning the parts outdoor.

6. Finally, you also need to clean the unit outdoor namely the AC fan by doing watering in several corners

Clean the outdoor | Credit via

You need to do two steps to clean the unit parts outdoor namely the outside and inside of the cooling grid. For the outside, you can clean the dust that sticks with the help of an old brush and toothbrush to reach a narrow area.

After cleaning, you can continue to clean the inside by using water and pressure during watering to remove dust. This watering aims to lift stubborn dirt so that the entire unit outdoor clean air conditioner.

First, pour water on the AC grille from the front side without removing the fan part. Flush from between the fans to the front and left. When flushing, be sure to be careful not to hit the round, zinc-protected compressor. Try to swing your hand vigorously when watering so that water can seep into hard-to-reach areas. Finally, wipe with a dry and clean cloth.

Well, that’s the way you can clean the air conditioner yourself with the tools at home. If this is the case, the expenses can be more efficient, yes. Good luck!

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