Having qualified supplies, Tasya Kamila expresses her desire to become the Minister of the Environment. Netizens Supported!

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Having a higher education degree and ability in the field of interest certainly makes anyone have the best aspirations. Although the version of the best ideals for each person must be different, but there must be a desire to move forward in a career. This is what the celeb and former child singer, Tasya Kamila, experienced.

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Since she was studying for a master’s degree at Columbia University in the United States, Tasya had expressed her desire to become a minister after graduating and returning to Indonesia. After many years have passed and now she has become a mother, it turns out that this desire is still there, even more solid because she continues to prepare provisions in the form of knowledge and experience.

Becoming a minister is Tasya’s dream, even though she also can’t leave the world of entertainment that has made her name

Tasya when telling her dream to become a minister | Credit by YouTube Chat Asix

As a celebrity who has been in the entertainment world since she was 4 years old, Tasya realizes that her career cannot be separated from that world. She admitted that even when she was a student and currently a housewife, she still pursued her career as a celebrity. Whether it’s a commercial star, singer, presenter etc.

The desire to become a minister, which Tasya has kept hidden, has finally been revealed to the public. This he said himself when he was present at podcast Chat Asix which aired on November 13 last. “Actually, in the future, my goal is to become a minister, hehe. Amen, guys, Amen,” said Tasya when asked about her future career plans.

“One of interest I’m in the environmental field, maybe later I want to go there, “added Tasya.

Although she has not had the opportunity to become a minister, Tasya is sure that she has the knowledge that she has gained from education and experience in managing foundations.

Becoming a minister is not an easy thing, this 1992-born celebrity is also aware of this, moreover he has to enter the world of politics. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic because he has tried to have the skills needed in the field he is interested in. Moreover, he has already won a degree Master of Public Administration at the same time has a foundation engaged in the environmental field.

“Minister is a political position, yes, the important thing is to cultivate knowledge first. I also have a master’s degree on public policy in the field of energy and the environment, I already have the knowledge, then I also have a foundation in the environmental field,” said Tasya.

The owner’s full name, Shafa Tasya Kamila, also said that the knowledge he has can invite many people to learn about the environment. It also has a foundation Green Movement which invites people to contribute through kindness to the environment. Tasya considered this to be the first step or provision of knowledge to realize his dream of becoming a minister.

“The next steps, well, we’ll see later, what opportunities are open for me to be able to achieve my goals, the important thing is that these supplies continue to be prepared,” added Tasya.

Tasya considers that being a housewife does not limit her to a career and utilizes the knowledge she has

When asked about a future career that will change and no longer be a housewife, Tasya indeed confirmed this. However, he also believes that nowadays, housewives can still work. “In my opinion, housewives can work while working, if we can write content, or whatever, other housewives can also do business while selling,” said Tasya.

Since graduating from S2 and then getting married, having children, and focusing on taking care of her small family, Tasya did get scathing scorn from netizens. Many judged that the knowledge that he had acquired by studying all the way to America was useless because he could only be a housewife.

“So why if you become an educated housewife? Men and women have the same right to education,” said Tasya, quoted from an interview in 2018.

Now Tasya has been able to prove that being an educated housewife can still have a good career and contribute to society. The expression about his desire to become a minister also received the support of netizens who considered him worthy of achieving these goals.

Education is number one, success and always be happy,” wrote a netizen in the comment column for the Asix chat upload. “Hopefully, Tasya’s dreams will be achieved and she will be blessed,” wrote another. “Tasya looks smart, smart and honest, deserves to be a minister and hopefully it will be achieved,” added another netizen.


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