Family Assets Allegedly Stolen by ART, Nirina Zubir: Land Certificate For Sale, Money For Business That Already Has 5 Branches!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Unpleasant news came from the family of artist Nirina Zubir. His family’s property had just disappeared and was allegedly embezzled by his own household assistant (ART). The assets that Nirina meant were 6 (six) family land titles which were initially thought to have been lost.

Because conditions did not allow, Nirina’s late mother finally asked for help from ART to take care of it. Instead of being helped, the household member, named Riri Kasmita, actually sold the land certificate and at the same time changed the name of his mother, Nirina Zubir, to her own name.

“Instead of being taken care of, it turns out that she secretly exchanged all the letters with her personal name Riri Kasmita from Bukit Tinggi with her husband Ferdianto,” said Nirina Zubir in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11).

“Six letters were exchanged with them, some of them were exalted to the bank and some were sold and we suspect the money was used for the frozen chicken business, which already has 5 branches,” he continued.

Nirina said that Riri Kasmita had been working together at her mother’s house since 2009. Initially the land certificates were thought to be missing, but after being investigated by the police, it turned out that the ownership of the certificates had been changed.

“Initially it was thought to be missing after police investigations turned out to be taken. And she (Riri Kasmita) has admitted it (when questioned by the police),” said Fadhlan Karim, Nirina Zubir’s older brother.


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