Dyan Dilato’s Profile Dismissed by MGPA for Allegedly Humiliating Team Marshal

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NBCNEWS, The name Dyan Dilato is currently being discussed by the public. He is the Head of Operations Division of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA). Dyan was accused of insulting the marshal team and considered the team in charge of the IACT event at the Mandalika Circuit Sunday (11/14/2021) to be incompetent.

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It started when he said that the marshal katrok and ndeso team should be on duty instead of watching the race.

“The marshals are all in charge, ndeso. Instead of serving as marshals, they watch the races. And the question is not the number of marshals but the quality,” said Dyan.

It then went viral. However, Dyan denied this and admitted that it was just a joke with fellow co-workers that was conveyed via WhatsApp messages.

His statement also made NTB residents hurt, considering that the marshals chosen were local residents.

Due to this incident, Dyan resigned from the position of Head of the MGPA Operations Division on Monday (11/15/2021).

The President Director of MGPA, Ricky Baheramsjah also apologized for the resignation of Dyan Dilato.

Then who is Dyan Dilato? Here is his profile.


Dyan is a man born May 30, 1964 and a graduate of a master of business at the University of Antwerp, Belgium majoring in Business Administration.

He started his career in 2008 at PP IMI, and joined the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and served in the Commission Touring and Leisure) in 2009.

Dyan also briefly became a Safety Offices in March 2020 in round 1 of the ARRC at Sikruit Sepang, Malaysia.

Not only that, Dyan Dilato also admitted that he had served as one of the judges in the MotoGP and WSB championships.

Until then in 2021 he was trusted to be the leader of the race at the Mandalika Circuit and became a marshal coach.

That’s the profile of Dyan Dilato who recently resigned from MGPA. []


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