Divorced in less than a year of marriage, Reza DA Kapok with Taaruf

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Reza DA (Instagram)

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NBCNEWS – Drop-out singer DAcademy, Reza Zakarya or Reza DA has officially divorced Valda Vania. Reza revealed that in the fourth month he had separated from bed until he finally decided to divorce in September 2021 at the Bandung Religious Court.

Reza DA married Valda in Purwokerto, Central Java, on January 17, 2021. They married through the taaruf process after obtaining permission from the family. Valda is also known by Reza as one of his fans.

Feeling that he had a bad experience with marriage, Reza DA admitted that he had given up on undergoing taaruf again. But that doesn’t mean Reza doesn’t maintain ethics.

Reza DA (Instagram)

“I will not choose the path of taaruf, but it does not justify today’s dating such as hugs, kisses, holding hands, and others,” said Reza DA to reporters recently.

Learning from his failure to build a household, Reza DA hopes to find a wife who can accept him and his work as a singer. He said it was something very important.

“If there is another candidate, they must join Reza’s work behind the stage, what kind of house, what kind of gig. To know that her husband is an art worker, according to people’s scenarios, you can’t do this, that, you have to do this, and that,” explained Reza DA.

The singer of “Sea of ​​Lies” has also tried to improve his household relations. However, Reza saw his efforts in vain and couldn’t hold on anymore.

“I want to defend. I sent him home in March, there was a desire to keep him because of the advice of the closest people, I was asked to be patient and explore it. In the end, I couldn’t,” said Reza DA.

“I can’t defend something bad, it’s better to solve it. I get a signal early, if it’s not going well in the future, who doesn’t want to defend it. No one has had problems with their marriage, they don’t try to defend it. I’ve done it,” concluded Reza DA .



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