Choose your child’s circumcision method, which is the safest?

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Pilih-pilih Metode Sunat si Kecil, Mana yang Paling Aman?

Mums, are you planning a circumcision for your little one? Circumcision is a hereditary tradition that is still practiced today. However, in addition to beliefs and religious reasons, circumcision is performed for reasons of cleanliness and health. Right now, Mums, there are many circumcision methods offered, ranging from laser, stapler, clamps, conventional surgery, and others. Which method of circumcision is safe?

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The word circumcision or circumcision is taken from the Latin, circum (meaning to rotate) and caedere (meaning cut). Circumcision itself is a surgical procedure performed to remove or cut the prepuce (part of the foreskin that covers the glans or head of the penis).

Citing journals published by Saudi Urological Association, about 30% of men in the world and 35% of men in developing countries have been circumcised. Various methods of circumcision are used, ranging from conventional methods, lasers, staplers and clamps.

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Safe Circumcision Method, Laser Not Recommended

Laser circumcision had hits and the practice of circumcision using the laser method emerged. Due to the shorter duration of action, many people choose this method of circumcision. In fact, many also do not know the dangers and risks of laser circumcision.

Laser circumcision actually uses heat energy in an electrocautery tool, which is a tool that resembles a soldering iron. At the end of the cautery is an iron that is heated with electricity. This iron is then used to cut the prepuce (foreskin of the penis), so the assumption that this method of circumcision uses light energy (laser) is not correct.

Prof. Andi Asadul Islam, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Surgeons, emphasized that there has been no research specifically explaining the indications for laser circumcision. “In addition, they also have a higher risk of severing the head of the penis, injury to the glans penis/urethral and burns,” explained Prof. Andi through a press release received I’m healthy.

Meanwhile, dr. Arry Rodjani, Sp.U.(K), Urology Specialist, also revealed that WHO recommends that circumcision should be performed by trained and competent personnel to prevent injury due to incorrect circumcision techniques, several studies have not recommended laser circumcision to be performed.

Why is laser circumcision dangerous? In 1976, Journal of Pediatric Surgery revealed about a 3-year-old boy who underwent penile reconstruction due to burns due to circumcision using electrocautery.

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New York Times 1985 also published news about the tragedy of two baby boys who suffered burns while undergoing circumcision at a hospital in Atlanta, United States. Even one of the babies had to undergo genital surgery.

Launching from several media portals on line, in 2008 there was a child in Pekalongan Regency, Central Java whose genitals were cut off after circumcision using the electrocautery method or better known as laser circumcision. However, this information is still not widely known by the public.

Negligence at the time of circumcision causes the head of the penis to be cut off. The family’s hope that the doctor could reconnect the head of the victim’s penis did not go well, so only medical treatment was carried out to heal the wound.

In the use of a heated cautery, an electric current goes directly to the penile tissue. And if the prepuce is cut with cautery it can also increase the risk of severe neurological disorders.

Well, now you know the dangers of circumcision using laser techniques. So it’s best if your child is circumcised using another method of circumcision. Any circumcision method other than laser circumcision, such as clamps, can be said to be safe as long as it is performed by an expert. Circumcision should also be done when your baby is small, because the healing process is faster and your baby has not been traumatized by pain. Babies also can not move much so the wound dries quickly.

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