Chef Aiko’s video was stolen, the Rp90 million motorbike was stolen by these two people

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Chef Aiko.  Photo: Instagram

Aiko Sarwosri Isra or better known as Chef Aiko has just been struck by a disaster. The reason is, Chef Aiko just had a burglary which resulted in his Rp90 million Honda CRF250 Rally missing. Through her personal Instagram page, the woman of Solo-Japanese descent also shared the CCTV footage that recorded the theft.

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In the circulating footage, it is seen that there are 2 perpetrators who have been stalking Chef Aiko’s house. He also asked netizens for help to contact him if he found a motorbike with the following characteristics.

“Second chronology of the video recorded on CCTV Neighbors. Please help if you see a red 250cc CRF Raly motorcycle with a B 4850 TRX number plate. Characteristics: 1. Left and Right Boxes are installed, 2. Strobe lights are installed… If you find the motor, stop and hold it, then contact me: 0812 8174 7460 Thank you,” he said, as quoted from Instagram on Wednesday (17/11/21).

According to Chef Aiko’s husband, Saugi, the moments of the theft occurred at 04:30 WIB. At that time, he and his entire family were fast asleep. When he woke up, Saugi was surprised to find his Honda CRF250 Rally had disappeared.

“The theft happened at around 04.30, we were all in the house. No one heard it,” said Saugi, Chef Aiko’s husband, as reported by Tempo.

Description of Chef Aiko’s husband

When met by the media crew, Saugi as Chef Aiko’s husband said that the gate to his house was already open in the morning. He also suspects that the perpetrator used a chemical liquid to break into the gate of the house.

“Yes, I woke up at 06.30 WIB, I went to the front, the condition of the motorbike was gone. The condition of the gate is open,” he said

“That lock was broken, but he used liquid. So once the bang is immediately released,” he added.

Meanwhile, the case is currently being handled by the Kembangan Police. When asked for information, the Kembangan Police Chief, Kompol Khoiri, admitted that he was conducting further investigations regarding the theft case.

Chef Aiko. Photo: Instagram

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