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left-handed caca tengker

Caca Tengker, the younger sister of Nagita Slavina, has now been blessed with two adorable daughters, Ansara and Aruna. Not long ago, Caca Tengker revealed facts about the eldest, who turned out to be a little different from most children his age. Ansara, Caca Tengker’s son is known to be left-handed.

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Then, how does Caca Tengker deal with his left-handed child? Was there any particular exercise he taught Ansara to get used to using the right hand? Come on, look at the story told by the wife of Barry Tamin.

Left-handed Tengker Caca

Known Since Baby

Instagram of Caca Tengker

Through her personal Instagram account @cacatengker, this woman who also works as a clinical psychologist shares about the eldest Ansara who is left-handed and has been aware of it since the little one was a baby.

“Many people ask; Mba Ansara is left-handed, right? Yes, very true. I’ve seen from a baby that the left hand is dominant,” the story.

According to Caca Tengker, Ansara always does things with his left hand.

“From the beginning, the finger was always on the left hand. When you start eating and put things in your mouth, use your left hand. If an item is given to the right hand, it is usually transferred to the left hand for observation, after which it enters the mouth when it is still in the oral phase,” continued Caca Tengker.

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Trained to Eat Using the Right Hand

The story of Caca Tengker about his left-handed child,

Instagram of Caca Tengker

Knowing that the little one is left-handed, it seems that there is no overreaction shown by this woman who was born on May 3, 1989. He was just trying to train Ansara to be able to eat with his right hand. The rest, other activities can use the left hand if the little one feels more comfortable.

“Now you can be taught to eat with your right hand, but others can use their left if they are more comfortable,” said Caca Tengker.

The funny thing is, Ansara actually complained about being tired when she was trained to eat with her right hand.

“So remember when you were little (around the age of 2 years), Mba Ansara if you were asked to learn to eat with your right hand, you said ‘Your right hand is tired’. Hihihihi, it’s funny how you can reason and express the reason,” he said.

Children with Left-handed Tengker Caca, are not required to be able to use their right hand

left-handed caca tengker

Instagram of Caca Tengker

Furthermore, Caca Tengker felt grateful because the little one was able to express his opinion.

“It means that his way of thinking is more advanced,” said Caca Tengker.

After all, being left-handed means that their main strength is in their right hand, it’s natural for them to feel tired when they have to be forced to use their right hand.

“And it’s true, feeling tired is like feeling weak, indeed the strength of his right hand is not as big as his right and left, so according to Mba Ansara it’s tired,” he concluded.

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Advantages of Left-handed Children

left-handed caca tengker

Instagram of Caca Tengker

Although left-handed society is often considered a drawback, in fact there are a number of advantages left-handed children are rarely realized.

Do you know ParentsIn left-handed children, the right brain function developed better and was more dominant than the left brain. The right brain itself functions to regulate creativity and perception abilities, recognition of spatial dimensions, situations, alertness, and concentration.

Launch page HellodocOn average, left-handed children have higher intellectual abilities. Mensa, the organization with the highest IQs in the world, even states that at least 20 percent of its members are left-handed.

So, basically left-handed children have many advantages that can be developed. Well, the task of parents and teachers is to understand and accept children with each uniqueness.


That’s the story of Caca Tengker’s left-handed child. Parents Do you have experience raising left-handed children? Come on, share!

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