BAZNAS Help Increase Neny’s Income to IDR 10 Million a Month

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NBCNEWS, A smile of happiness shone on the face of Neny Nurmaningsih (46), a mustahik assisted by the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) from Terbangi Besar District, Central Lampung Regency, Lampung. Neny’s happiness is quite reasonable, because now the business she started under the guidance of BAZNAS has produced a profit that can meet all the needs of the family.

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Even more than enough, unmitigated, Nenny’s net income from ZMart’s business in October reached Rp10,603,000, with a turnover of Rp106,030,000.

Neny, who is a BAZNAS Zmart merchant, now has a Zmart shop business turnover with an income graph that continues to increase every month. This result is the result of capital assistance, training, and intensive coaching carried out by BAZNAS to the fostered mustahik, including Neny.

During her time as a Zmart merchant under the guidance of the Mustahik Economic Empowerment Institute (LPEM) BAZNAS, Neny was an active trader in every mentoring program and continued to hone every mentoring material she received. Neny revealed that so far she has carried out every direction given by the program companion to the maximum.

“Such as during product marketing, I use my smart phone to update product status to consumers, making it easier for consumers to find the products they need,” said Neny.

The best service that was emphasized by the BAZNAS companion was actually implemented by Neny. Serving consumers well becomes more value in the eyes of buyers. Then the convenience provided by Neny with free delivery services in Bandar Jaya Barat Village makes consumers more interested in shopping at Zmart Neny.

Neny also carried out product innovation by adding variants of her merchandise.

“Besides basic needs, I also sell various vegetables, meat, fresh vegetables, grated coconut and frozen food meatballs. Alhamdulillah, the increase in types of products makes my business turnover increase from month to month,” he said confidently.

Her tenacity in financial management and business capital expenditure management is the key to Neny’s success in doing business.

In August, Neny’s business turnover reached Rp. 93,214,000 with a net income of Rp. 9,321,400. Then last September, Neny’s turnover increased again by Rp. 98,956,500 with a net income of Rp. 9,895,650. The increase increased again in October 2021 which broke the Rp106,030,000 figure, with a profit of Rp10,603,000.

This increase in turnover is certainly welcomed by BAZNAS, the training and coaching that has been carried out so far can be implemented properly so that it can motivate other mustahik to be more developed and independent in the future. As the main institution for the welfare of the people, BAZNAS always strives to provide the best for mustahik and those in need from various aspects, such as economics, da’wah, education, and social life.

BAZNAS invites you to help BAZNAS’s efforts in improving the welfare of the people and helping people in need to get back up, by channeling the best donations through BAZNAS Zakat Online at the link, or making a transfer to a list of accounts that listed at the link .

You can also make a bank transfer, then copy the desired zakat bank account number, after that save the proof of transfer, then confirm via or click WhatsApp-087877373555.

You can also pay zakat through the following bank accounts:

BSI 9555.555.400

BCA 686.0148.755

BNI 5555505.027

Mandiri 07000.0018.55555

and the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS). []


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