Bagas Kaffa Expresses His Desire to Play Abroad

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NBCNEWS, Amiruddin Bagas Kaffa expressed his desire to play abroad. Bagus Kahfi’s twin brother revealed the country he wanted to go to.

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Bagas Kaffa has shown potential since he was young. Hence, he has always been a regular to strengthen the U-16 or U-18 national team, even qualifying for the Garuda Select.

Bagas Kaffa has experience playing in England while defending the Garuda Select squad. So, many hope that the defender from Magelang will continue his career in Europe.

However, according to Bagas, he will act professionally because currently he has a contract with Barito Putera, and wants to give the best for his team.

“In Indonesia, I still want to be in Barito Putera,” said Bagas Kaffa when he was a guest star on Youtube KR TV.

“Maybe we don’t know the future, but the important thing is that I want to focus on what I’m doing now,” continued Bagas.

Then, when asked about wanting to play abroad, Bagas Kaffa immediately revealed his dream of playing at the English giants, Manchester United.

However, reaching the team nicknamed the Red Devils is certainly not easy. Bagas also hopes that he can at least play abroad, and get international flying hours.

“Because I’m a MU fan, I definitely want to go to MU. But let’s talk about the realistic, what’s important is that I can have a career abroad, I can get playing minutes,” said Bagas.

A number of Indonesian players have started to spread their wings abroad. Some are playing in Europe, some are just starting their careers in Asian football teams.

According to Bagas Kaffa, Asian countries are equally as good at studying football, one of which is in Japan or Thailand. If you already have experience playing abroad, it will be easier for Bagas to penetrate the European level.

“Countries with good football, if in Asia maybe in Japan or Thailand, or all in Europe,” concluded Bagas.

As a reminder, Bagas Kaffa’s twin brother, Bagus Kahfi, has now spread his wings to Europe. Bagus Kahfi currently plays for FC Utrecht, one of the most popular football clubs with good facilities in the Netherlands.

As a 19-year-old player, Bagus Kahfi was placed at the Jong Utrecht club and played in the Eerste Divisie, the second highest tier football competition in the Dutch League.[]


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