Alvin Faiz Rarely Meets Yusuf because Henny Rahman Is Banned?

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Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman.  (Instagram)

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NBCNEWS – Alvin Faiz is said to rarely see his son, Yusuf, who lives with his mother, Larissa Chou. This was allegedly because the eldest son of the late Ustadz Arifin Ilham was restricted from meeting his ex-wife and children by his new wife, Henny Rahman.

Adit Jagoan, manager Larissa Chou, opened his voice about Alvin Faiz, who he said was forbidden to see his son by Henny Rahman. According to Adit, Larissa never wanted to find trouble.

“Larissa is very wise, she doesn’t want any problems,” Adit Jagoan told reporters recently.

Adit did not deny that since he married Henny Rahman, the intensity of Alvin Faiz’s visit to Yusuf was very different. Even though Adit revealed that Alvin Faiz could play with Yusuf without meeting Larissa Chou.

“After all, Alvin is Yusuf’s father,” said Adit, who regretted that until now Alvin had rarely seen Yusuf because he was said to have received a ban from Henny Rahman.

Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman. (Instagram)

Regarding Alvin Faiz being prohibited from meeting children by Henny Rahman, Adit gave a leak that he had heard about it. Adit revealed that Henny Rahman forbade his husband to go to Bandung to see his son if he did not invite him.

“There are also prohibitions from the other side. It’s like Alvin can’t go to Bandung without Henny. If he finds him, Alvin picks him up to Bandung, and he doesn’t go to Larissa’s house, but meets him outside,” said Adit Jagoan.

According to Adit, Alvin and Larissa has also limited communication and only through intermediaries when it comes to children. Adit emphasized that Larissa never closed the door for Alvin Faiz to meet Yusuf.

“The point is that Larissa opens the opportunity for her father to meet his child, he does not prohibit or close access to meet children,” concluded Adit Jagoan.



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