Alleged Match Fixing Appears in Liga 3 East Java

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NBCNEWS, The issue of fixing the score has resurfaced in Indonesian football. This time, it will take place in the lowest caste competition of the Indonesian League 3 2021-2022 in the association area of ​​​​East Java province.

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The allegation of match-fixing emerged after one of the 2021-2022 Indonesian League 3 clubs, Gresik Putra (Gestra) Paranane, took firm steps by firing a number of team members after it was indicated they were involved.

The East Java Asprov League 3 contestant club terminated the work contracts of 3 team members. Two players with the initials AC and HPS and one of them is a kit man with the initials DGR.

The club claimed to have gathered strong evidence for the alleged issue of match-fixing. So, this step is considered very appropriate to maintain the principle of fair play in football.

“Our two players (teams) were told to give in with the lure of tens of millions of rupiah,” said Gestra Paranane Manager, Bagyo Sulaksono in a release Tuesday (16/11/21).

The effort to fix the score occurred when the team was about to play the match against Persema Malang on Monday (15/11/21). In the final match of the Group B preliminary round, Gestra lost by a landslide score of 1-5.

“The goal is to win Persema,” he continued.

Already Kissed

Previously, the club had smelled something wrong since the 3rd match. Precisely when Gestra Paranane will meet the host of the group, NZR Sumbersari Friday (12/11/21).

Gestra Paranane was even offered money of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah from an unknown person. The offer was flatly rejected, even though in the match against NZR Sumbersari, Gestra lost 0-1.

“We have reported the case. We have submitted the evidence and are currently investigating the PSSI Asprov East Java Commission,” said Bagyo Sulaksono.

Gestra Paranane itself certainly failed to advance to the next round. They finished 3rd in Group B with 4 points, behind Persema Malang and NZR Sumbersari who advanced to the round of 32 with 9 points.[]


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