After waiting for a long time, Ezra Walian is excited to be able to debut with the Indonesian national team

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NBCNEWS, After waiting for so long, Ezra Walian was finally able to make his debut with the senior Indonesian National Team. Unfortunately, the debut of the Persib Bandung striker was ruined by Afghanistan.

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In the match which took place in Turkey, Tuesday (11/16) night WIB, the team made by Shin Tae-Yong was defeated by a score of 0-1. Ezra Walian entered in the second round, replacing Dedik Setiawan who appeared sluggish. The Dutch mulatto striker admitted that he was proud to be able to wear the pride of Indonesia’s jersey.

“I’m proud to return to the national team. We played well and showed hard work. Even though we conceded one goal, we played well,” he said.

The Indonesian national team conceded in the last minute through the action of the Afghan striker, Omid Popalzay (’85). In fact, there were several golden opportunities created by the Garuda squad, including Ezra Walian’s hard kick which was pushed over by the opposing goalkeeper. According to Ezra, a small mistake due to lack of focus was the cause of the defeat of the Indonesian national team.

“Football is about details and one moment we didn’t focus and they scored. After this we will talk and evaluate and focus on the next game because this is important,” said the striker belonging to Persib Bandung.

“The field is a little hard, this is the first time for me but this is the match. The next game we will practice and work hard, prepare everything,” finished Ezra Walian.

Besides Ezra Walian, one naturalized player who also played against Afghanistan was Victor Igbonefo. The opposing team’s goal occurred because of the Nigerian-born defender’s mistake in anticipating the Afghan player’s pass.

The Indonesian national team will still undergo a training camp in Turkey in preparation for appearing in the 2020 AFF Cup in early December.

After facing Afghanistan, the Garuda squad will again be scheduled to play a test party against Myanmar on November 25, 2021.[]


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