8 Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Inspirations

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The family room is like a lung in the house. Because in that room, laughter and family harmony are clearly depicted. Especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic like this, home must be the safest and most comfortable place for families. Therefore, the family room must be comfortable to live in, with a pleasing interior design. Well, this time we will share 8 minimalist living room interior design ideas that will inspire you in rearranging furniture and rooms at home. Any inspiration? Check out the full details below!

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1. Monochrome

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, ‘monochrome’ is a single color painting or reproduction. Meanwhile, the designers interpret monochrome as matching colors, and tend to black and white. So that the monochrome themed family room will have a matching color combination, with gradations that are not far from black, such as gray, very dark green, or maybe really brown. As in the picture above. The interior is dominated by black and white gradations, only the floor takes a dark brown color. Very elegant, huh?

2. colorful

colorful or colorful is a concept that kids are likely to like. You can choose colors that your little ones like, such as blue, yellow, red, green, white, or brown. But to combine the colors, it is necessary taste that fits.

For example the image above. Although using a combination of bold colors in a family room that is not too wide, it is still pleasing to the eye and does not disturb the eyes. With the concept of applying dark colors on the walls, such as dark blue or black, you can use green, beige, blue, or yellow for the furniture. Red carpet wine seems to fit this composition too. Children will definitely feel at home playing in this room!

3. Botanical Style

No, the third list is not the Botani Square mall in Bogor, but a style named botanical, aka all green decorated with cute plants. Botany style with a natural and green theme, combining minimalist furniture with plants that can survive indoors, such as cactus, aloe vera, rubber kebo, monstera or rosemary. The choice of furniture and walls is also not too colorful, just a combination of white and green, then your living room will look fresh and bright!

4. Modern Vintage

Come on, get acquainted with our fourth list, modern vintage. If we interpret freely, modern means newest, and vintage was a design fad from the 1920s to the 1960s. So, modern vintage is a combination of the latest designs with old school designs. Well, can it really fit? You can, take a look at the picture above, match really right?

You can simply buy furniture with an old-school patterned design or made of wood. Likewise the floor, which is also patterned with wood. While touch modern obtained from some other furniture such as curtains and sofas. The key is, don’t use colors that are too bright, so white, light green, brown, gray, and light blue will be the right combination for style. modern vintage. Cool, right?

5. Pastel Shades

On the fifth list there are pastel shades. Don’t get me wrong, pastels are not the original market snacks that we often encounter, but the categories of light colors, such as light blue, light green, and pink. Usually, pastel colors don’t look strong, but they are very soft.

In the picture, you will find several examples of minimalist living room designs with pastel nuances. There are no light colored furniture and wall decorations, all of them are dominated by pink, light blue, light yellow, and white. This makes it feel cool on the eyes and accentuates the minimalist feel. Do you like these pastel shades? Tell us in the comments column, yes!

6. Industrial Look

If you are interested in the concept of interiors in factories or warehouses, then you will also like the theme industrial look which is suitable to be applied in the family room. Wow, wouldn’t it be weird then? Not really. Take a look at the picture above, is there anything odd? No, right. It’s just that it looks unique and ‘anti-mainstream’.

The essence of industrial look is to expose structural elements of metal, wood, cement, and brick. So that the appearance of your wall will greatly affect whether the concept industrial look succeed or fail. So, the quickest way is to use a wall sticker with a red, brown, or gray brick motif.

After that, choose dark brown, dark blue, or black furniture. Also add decorations that highlight the impression industrial like a pipe on the ceiling, or maybe a wooden table. This will make anyone who visits your home amazed with the interior of his family room.

7. Contemporary Style

Well, now we will discuss the seventh interior design inspiration, namely modern style which combines simple, luxurious, clean and spacious style. This concept is not concerned with the amount of furniture, but aims to provide a lot of free space. The main colors that you must know are black, white, and neutral. Almost similar to the first list, namely monochrome, but with the addition of the free space factor. So, you can add some free space when redecorating the house.

Usually in this concept there is the addition of a mirror or glass to give a broad impression. As in the picture above, which combines glass-filled windows with furniture that does not fill the room, there are also wall decorations and furniture that are not too dominant. You can also add modern and minimalist lights to make it look more aesthetic.

8. Victorian Style

Let’s get acquainted with the last idea on our list, which is victorian style. Style it dates from the time of Queen Victoria in 1837 to 1901. At that time, interior design fashion was so iconic that it was often adapted to the modern era. Still hard to imagine? If so, then take a look at the image above.

In the picture, you can see a wall with a unique accent, which is combined with a luxurious chandelier. Meanwhile, the furniture has a modern and minimalist concept. Usually, this concept has a dominant color of gold, with wide windows, or luxurious crystal chandeliers like in British royal palaces. Sometimes there are also those who combine gold and dark colors to accentuate the impression of elegance and class.

Well, those are 8 minimalist living room interior design inspirations that you can apply at home. In your opinion, which inspiration do you like? Or maybe there are other family room interior design inspirations that are not on the list? Tell us in the comments, okay?

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