7 Brands of Halal Peel Off Nail Polish, Cheap and Festive. Suitable for Muslim women, even with BPOM permission

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Along with the times, there are now widely available nail polishes that are halal and can be used for prayers even at low prices. Besides henna or girlfriend, now it’s a nail polish product peel off or nail polish that is easy to peel off can be an option when you want to color your nails without having to be confused when you are going to pray.

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nail polish products peel off This is claimed to keep the skin breathable, making it safe for prayer. What is the brand of nail polish? peel off which is lawful? Check it out!

1. Madame Gie Nail Shell Peel Off, consists of two variants namely Calm and Flirt Series. Both variants are sold at a price of Rp. 9,400.00 (7 ml)

Madame Gie nail polish | Credit: Tokopedia

2. Brasov Nail Polis Peel Off, consists of 12 color variants that are suitable for all hand skin tones. You can buy this nail polish for IDR 11,400.00 (9 ml)

Brasov nail polish | Credit: Instagram @brasovofficial

3. SALSA Peel Polish, this nail polish is sold per package at a price of IDR 22,500. For every purchase of one package, you will get three nail polish products with the contents of 10 ml each

Salsa nail polish | Credit: Shopee

4. Studio Color Peel Off Water Based Nail Polish (6 ml) is priced at IDR 27,000.00 only. This nail polish makes an impression matte finish on nails

color studio | Credit: Tokopedia

5. Emina Nail Polish Water Based, consisting of 9 pastel colors gives a bright impression on your nails. The price of this nail polish is IDR 31,000.00 (5 ml)

Emina nail polish | Credit: Tokopedia

6. Miniso Acquerello Peel Off Nail Polish, consists of 23 beautiful colors suitable for your beautiful nails. This nail polish is sold for IDR 39,900.00 (11 ml)

Miniso nail polish | Credit: Shopee

7. Mazaya Peel Off Nail Polish, this brand only releases three nail polish colors consisting of bright red, purple, and maroon. You can buy this nail polish product at a price of IDR 47,000.00 (20 ml)

Mazaya Nail Polish | Credit: Shopee

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to find halal nail polish. Some of the brands above have given you many color choices to beautify your nails. All brands of nail polish peel off This is BPOM certified, so your nails are safe after using this nail polish. Good luck!


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