6 Reasons You Should Visit Lake Toba

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Who hasn’t heard of Lake Toba on television, newspapers, or Youtube? Must have all, yes. Because Lake Toba is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is a reference for local and foreign tourists. Moreover, there is the fact that Toba is the widest and deepest lake in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this time we will give 6 reasons why you should visit Lake Toba. If so, just check the list below!

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1. Exotic Natural Panorama

When you arrive in the Lake Toba area, you will definitely be amazed by the stunning natural panorama. Especially if it’s your first time seeing it in person. Each lake entrance offers a different view, starting from Parapat Village which is a reference for family tourists, Tongging with natural panoramas around Toba which can be enjoyed from its green hills, or views from the top of Pandang Tele Tower.

In addition, Toba also offers a fresh and cool breeze like being in Europe or the Netherlands. Especially if you and your family stay at the Inna Parapat Hotel, where there is a typical Dutch windmill, which further evokes the Dutch atmosphere. And uniquely, the area of ​​​​Lake Toba itself reaches twice that of Singapore. Very big huh?

2. Choice Amazing Tourist Locations

Around and within the Lake Toba area, you can find many tourist sites, you know! One of them is Samosir Island, an island located in the middle of Lake Toba. In Samosir, you will find many interesting tourist destinations such as Mount Pusuk Buhit which offers beautiful panoramic views of Toba from a height of more than 1900 meters.

You can also visit Bobok Elephant Hill, a strategic location to enjoy the beautiful star clusters with the naked eye, or sunrise Lake Toba background. The beauty of the two landscapes makes many tourists who decide to camp on this hill. In addition there are also 12 waterfalls around Toba that you can enjoy its beauty, one of which is Sipiso-piso Waterfall with its eternal rainbow.

3. ManyhisAlternative Good Transportation and Lodging

If you are interested in traveling to Lake Toba, then the first step is to land at Silangit Airport. From there, you just need to rent a car to go to Parapat. To cross to Samosir Island, you can take a ferry or boat. If you can’t drive a car, you can rent a bicycle, motorbike, or join a tour provided by a local tour agency.

As for lodging, there are lots of choices, such as Carolina Cottages & Hotel. The inn is the most popular in Samosir Island. You have nothing to lose by staying here, because the facilities are quite complete, with a clean environment, beautiful views, and friendly employees. The rate of staying here is also not expensive, starting from around 300 thousand rupiah for each night. Very cheap right?

In addition, there are other lodgings such as Samosir Villa Resort which is perfect for large families, exclusive Mas Cottages, or Niagara Hotel & Resorts which is located in the highlands where you can see the beauty of Toba directly from your room.

4. Take a Vacation and Get to Know History and Cultural Traditions

Lake Toba not only offers its natural beauty, but also has historical and cultural relics scattered throughout the Toba region. You can find the Batak Museum and the Tomb of King Sidabutar in Tomok. In addition, you can also see the relics of the cannibalism tradition in Huta Siallagan Village, in the form of trial stones used to sentence violators of customary law to death.

And there is also the ancestral land of the Batak Nation which is believed to be the location of the first human descent on earth. In addition, there is also the Hobon Stone which is believed to be a place for the Batak King to store treasures and heirlooms. You can also visit Dokan Village and Lingga Village which houses the Siwaluh Jabu Traditional House. Wow, that’s really interesting to learn, isn’t it?

5. Lots of Fun and Captivating Festivals

The fifth reason why you should visit Lake Toba is because of the many exciting festivals held in Toba. Almost every month there is a festival that attracts foreign and local tourists. For example, the White Sand Festival which starts on March 31. The festival is usually filled with various exciting Batak competitions, such as Martonggo Raja and Solu Bolon. Before the whole event begins, a ritual to drain the lake is held as a symbol of self-cleaning.

In addition there is the Naposo Gondang Festival on April 27-28. This festival is a matchmaking event for children who have received the blessing of their parents. All participants will appear wearing typical Batak clothes and accessories. There is also the Sigale-gale Festival every 18-20 June. Sigale-gale is a statue that is dressed in traditional clothes and moved like a tor-tor dance. It is said that in the past the Sigale-gale statue could move on its own because it was possessed by a spirit.

Then, other exciting festivals are Horja Bius and Mangalahat Horbo which are held every 6-7 July, Sipinggan Festival every 28 December, and many others. But after Covid-19 hit, we are not sure that the festivals in Toba will still go on as scheduled or be postponed. Hopefully Covid-19 will pass soon, okay!

6. Friendly Residents

The sixth attraction of Lake Toba is the friendly and polite surrounding community. Even at certain moments, your arrival on Samosir Island will be greeted with traditional dances. This island is located right in the middle of Lake Toba, which is arguably the center of the Toba Batak culture.

But don’t get me wrong when you talk to Toba people. Although they often speak loudly and loudly, their hearts are soft. The chairman of the North Sumatra Asita DPD, Solahudin Nasution, said that according to history, the Batak people originally lived in the hills, so when they spoke loudly, they could be heard.

Well, those are 6 reasons why you should visit Lake Toba. Are you getting interested in scheduling a trip to Toba? Or maybe you have other strong reasons to travel there? If there is, let us know in the comments column, yes!

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