6 Original Indonesian Fairy Tales for Children’s Bedtime

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When we were young, we must have often heard bedtime tales from Indonesian folklore and fairy tales. Do you remember any fairy tales? Seems to have been a bit forgotten, huh? The only thing that I remember is the titles, and the storyline has been somewhat forgotten. Well, this time we will remind you about 6 original Indonesian fairy tales that are very suitable for a child’s bedtime. Are there any fairy tales? Without waiting any longer, check out the full list below!

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1. Sangkuriang

The story of Sangkuriang comes from West Java and tells about the formation of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The origin of this folklore is from the Bujangga Manik script written on palm leaves at the end of the 15th century AD. What is Sangkuriang’s story like?

If we were to tell the story from start to finish, it would be very long. Therefore, we will give only a short synopsis. The story centers on a man named Sangkuriang and a woman named Dayang Sumbi. The two of them were actually mother and daughter, but due to an unfortunate incident where Sangkuriang accidentally killed the god who had transformed into a dog as well as his own father named Tumang, Dayang Sumbi finally got angry and beat Sangkuriang. Disapproved, Sangkuriang ran away from home for a very long time.

Dayang Sumbi regretted her decision to hit Sangkuriang, she finally meditated and became young. Until he grew up, Sangkuriang met a beautiful girl and fell in love. He did not know that the girl was his own mother, namely Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang wanted to marry Dayang Sumbi, but the beautiful and youthful woman realized that the man was her own child when she saw the huge scar from the blow he had hit when Sangkuriang killed his own father.

Finally, Dayang Sumbi politely refused by asking him to build a lake complete with a boat overnight. Dayang Sumbi realized that her wish was impossible to fulfill. But it turned out that Sangkuriang agreed and did it well with the help of spirits. Dayang Sumbi panicked and asked the gods for help to deceive Sangkuriang, so that the sky became bright and the rooster crowed, signaling that morning had arrived. Sangkuriang was angry and kicked his homemade boat face down, so that it became Tangkuban Perahu. Unique story, huh? From this Sangkuriang fairy tale, we can glean several moral messages such as not lying to parents, not being controlled by anger, emotions, and lust.

2. Cindelaras

In the second list, we will discuss a folk tale from East Java called Cindelaras. Don’t read it wrong, so Cinderella! Although a little similar, but the storyline is different from the Cinderella story, really. The story begins with a king named Raden Putra who has 2 wives, a concubine and an empress. It turned out that the concubine slandered the benevolent and pregnant empress, under the pretext that the empress was trying to poison her. Because the healer sided with the concubine, the king believed and ordered the patih to expel and kill the empress. But the patih did not do it and let the empress live in the forest.

Several years later, the empress has given birth to a child named Cindelaras who is smart and handsome. Cindelaras then found an egg and hatched it, until a cute chick appeared. After growing up, it turns out that the chicken can talk and tell that his father is Raden Putra Raja Jenggala. Cindelaras was shocked and asked his mother. Shocked by the incident, Cindelaras’ mother told him everything that had happened. Finally Cindelaras decided to go to see his father accompanied by his rooster.

On the way, Cindelaras met a rooster and tried to beat Cindelaras’ rooster. But it turns out the magic chicken is invincible. Cindelaras continued to win, until the king heard it. The king finally challenged Cindelaras to a cockfight. If Cindelaras loses, his chicken will be taken and he will be put in stock. If the king loses, half of his wealth will belong to Cindelaras. Without thinking, Cindelaras agreed to the king’s challenge. Apparently, Cindelaras’ magic rooster won and the king admitted his defeat. However, the magic chicken said, “Kukuruyuk, my lord Cindelaras, his house is in the forest, the roof is made of coconut leaves, his father is Raden Putra.”

Surprised to hear the sound of the chicken, the king asked the truth to Cindelaras and the patih. After knowing the truth, the king punished the concubine and apologized to the empress and Cindelaras. In the end they lived happily ever after. So, what is the moral message to be learned? What is clear, do not do evil to others, yes!

3. Onion Garlic

The story of Bawang Merah Bawang Putih comes from Riau and has a good moral message. Before discussing the moral message, it would be better if we read a brief synopsis first. So, this folklore tells about Garlic who is kind and not greedy, and Bawang Merah is very greedy. In addition, there are other characters such as the stepmother who is as greedy as Bawang Merah, and the witch grandmother.

Bawang Putih was always bullied by Bawang Merah and her stepmother. One day, Bawang Putih met a grandmother and helped her, then as a thank you Garlic was told to choose a small pumpkin or a large pumpkin. Because not greedy, Bawang Putih chose the small one. When he got home, it turned out that the contents of the pumpkin were jewelry and gems. So greedy, Bawang Merah and her stepmother blamed Bawang Putih for not choosing a large pumpkin that could have contained more jewelry.

Finally, Bawang Merah tried to meet the grandmother just to ask for a big pumpkin, and did not want to help with the grandmother’s work. The grandmother agreed and gave a big pumpkin to Bawang Merah. So happy, Bawang Merah brought the red pumpkin to her mother and immediately opened it. How surprised they were because the contents of the pumpkin were scorpions, snakes, and other venomous animals. Bawang Merah and her stepmother finally repented and apologized to Bawang Putih. In the end, they lived happily ever after.

So, what moral message can be taken? There are many, the first is being patient in facing trials, then not being greedy, then having to help each other, and also forgiving each other.

4. Roro Jonggrang

Have you been to Prambanan Temple or Sewu Temple? If so, then there is an interesting mythology and folklore from Yogyakarta about the formation of these temples. The story is about Roro Jonggrang or Rara Jonggrang which means slim girl.

This story tells about Raden Bandung Bondowoso who wants to marry Roro Jonggrang. However, Roro Jonggrang didn’t want to because the man had killed his father during the royal war. However, because Raden Bandung Bondowoso kept on flirting, Roro Jonggrang finally accepted it, but with 2 impossible conditions, namely making a well which would later be called Jalatunda, and the second condition was to build 1000 temples in just one night.

But it turned out that Bandung Bondowoso was very powerful and summoned the jinn to help him carry out these tasks. The first task was completed very quickly. Roro Jonggrang had trapped him in a well, but Raden Bondowoso easily broke out. Si Raden was angry with Roro Jonggrang, but his anger subsided due to the princess’s seduction. The second task was also done very quickly.

Roro Jonggrang, who heard that 999 temples had been formed, immediately panicked and ordered the palace ladies-in-waiting to burn straw from the east. So that the light from the east from the embers gives the impression that the sun is starting to rise. This made the jinn immediately hide into the bowels of the earth and only 999 temples were successfully built. Knowing that it was all a hoax, Raden Bandung Bondowoso became very angry and cursed Roro Jonggrang to be the most beautiful statue to complete the last temple.

Well, that’s the folk tale of Roro Jonggrang which ended rather sadly. Is it a bit different from the previous folklore like Cindelaras, or Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, which ended happily? Well, maybe the lesson that can be learned from this story is that if we deceive people, we will definitely get paid in the end.

5. Malin Kundang

The fifth story will teach us not to be disobedient to our mother or mother, entitled Malin Kundang from West Sumatra. Perhaps, this story is the most ringing in my memory as a child. Do you remember the story? If you forget, we’ll tell you a brief synopsis, OK!

The story centers on a mother named Mande Rubayah who lives with her son, Malin Kundang. When he grew up, Malin Kundang went abroad to look for money and did not return for a long time. Mande Rubayah always waits for his son and prays for his son to return home soon. Moreover, he received news that his son was married to a noble’s son.

Until decades later, a ship landed in Mande Rubayah’s village, and it turned out to be the ship of Malin Kundang and his wife. So happy, Mande Rubayah immediately hugged his son. However, Malin Kundang’s wife who came from the nobility said sarcastically, “Eh, didn’t you say that your mother was a noble who was on the same level as me?!”

Hearing his wife’s words, Malin Kundang was affected and instead pushed his mother to roll on the sand saying, “Crazy woman! I’m not your son!”

Mande Rubayah replied, “I am your mother, son! Why are you being like this?!”

“Hey, crazy woman! My mother is not like you who is poor and dirty!” concluded Malin Kundang rudely.

So shocked, Mande Rubayah immediately fainted for a few minutes and Malin Kundang and his entourage immediately went on a boat away from the coast. After realizing, Mande immediately prayed to ask for God’s justice. Finally, Malin Kundang’s ship shattered into pieces, and Malin Kundang turned into a rock that landed at the foot of the hill.

6. Timun Mas

On the last list, there is Timun Mas or Timun Emas who comes from Java and tells the story of a brave girl who tries to fight an evil green giant named Buto Ijo.. So what’s the full story like?

This story begins with a widow named Mbok Srini who has wanted a child since her husband’s death a few years ago. One day, Mbok Srini met Buto Ijo and was given cucumber seeds. Buto Ijo told Mbok Srini to plant it and after it bears fruit, there will be a daughter in it. However, Buto Ijo will eat the child when he grows up.

Mbok Srini, who really wanted children, finally agreed and obeyed Buto Ijo’s words. A few months later, to Mbok Srini’s surprise when what the ugly giant said came true, there was a girl inside the cucumber, which was finally named Timun Mas.

When Timun Mas grew up, Buto Ijo asked Mbok Srini for a promise to take and eat Timun Mas. However, Mbok Srini and Timun Mas refused and fled. The most exciting part was when Timun Mas and Buto Ijo chased each other until finally, Timun Mas managed to paralyze Buto Ijo by using a potion from a mountain hermit. Well, the moral message is that you should not threaten and be mean to others because you will get the punishment you deserve.

Well, those are 6 original Indonesian fairy tales that can be used as a bedtime for children. In your opinion, which story is the most fun to tell to children? Tell us in the comments column, yes! Finally, don’t forget to always take care of your health.

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