6 Most Beautiful Cities in Indonesia for the Next Tourist Destinations

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There are so many cities in Indonesia that have beautiful tourist attractions and must be visited with family or friends. However, sometimes we are confused, which city is a good one to be the next tourist destination? Don’t worry, this time we will share the 6 most beautiful cities in Indonesia for the next tourist destination! Come on, check out the full list below.

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1. Bandung, West Java

The city of Bandung is the capital of West Java as well as one of the main destinations for tourism and education on the island of Java. The way to Bandung is not difficult, by air, you can land at Husein Sastranegara Airport which connects Bandung with big cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Denpasar, Mataram, and others. As for train access, you can go to Bandung Station, Kiaracondong Station, and several other small stations. Or you can also drive using a private car via the toll road. Then, what interesting tourist destinations in Bandung?

Bandung is known as a shopping tourism city with Dutch heritage architecture old school very. Some of the famous Dutch buildings are Gedung Sate, Pakuan Building, Dwi Warna Building, and Villa Isola. In addition, there is also a leather craft center in Cibaduyut, Bandung. Here, you will find lots of leather products such as bags, shoes, and jackets. Regarding quality, there is no need to doubt it. The results of the craftsmen are already very well known abroad, you know!

Well, if you and your family want to travel around Bandung, there is a legendary tourist transportation called Bandros that will take you around tourist sites and historical places in Bandung. Not only that, in Bandros there is also a tour guide who is in charge of introducing the names of streets, buildings, and locations that Bandros passes. Its classic and unique design and fun routes and guides make Bandros never empty of passengers.

While the must-visit tourist attractions in Bandung are Curug Maribaya in the form of a waterfall that is still beautiful and clean. The location is in Cikondang Village. At this location, you and your family can enjoy three waterfalls at once such as Curug Cikawari, Curug Cigulung, and Curug Cikoleang. Or if you want a contemporary tour, then The Lodge Maribaya must be visited. There, you can enjoy the pine forest, an exciting and fun ride for taking photos such as hot air balloons, zip bike, sky swing, and others.

Or if you want to take a hot bath, then you can visit Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort. Wow, how come Maribaya keeps going, huh? Well, because Maribaya Bandung has a lot of tourist destinations, you know! Then for the culinary, how? In Bandung, there are so many delicious culinary delights such as batagor, cuanki, bajigur, surabi, cendol, and many others.

2. Mataram, NTB

After being satisfied on the island of Java, let’s move to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), to be precise in the city of Mataram. The capital of NTB has natural attractions, ancient buildings, and very authentic handicrafts. You can depart from other cities to Mataram by air and land at Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport which is located in Tanak Awu, Central Lombok Regency.

After that, you can continue the journey by land using a rental car or public transportation to Mataram for about 40 minutes. After arriving in Mataram, you and your family can choose a hotel or hotel stay house desired as a preparation for tourism in the city of Mataram. Then, what are the tourist destinations?

There are so many tourist attractions in Mataram and its surroundings, for example, Senggigi Beach, which is very beautiful. From Mataram to Senggigi it takes about 30 minutes by car to Jalan Raya Senggigi KM 6-10, Batu Layar, West Lombok Regency. Well, upon arrival at the beach which is already well-known to foreign countries, you can enjoy the fresh air on the very beautiful coast and do water tourism activities such as diving, surfing, kayaking and canoeing, or just taking photos with your family.

Or if you want to visit Mount Rinjani, you can travel for about 3 hours from Mataram City. On the mountain, there are so many charms that are offered, such as the scenery is very exotic. Plus the beauty of Segara Anak which seems to be a complement to the mountain. In addition, you can also find some exciting tourist attractions in Mataram such as Mayura Park, Narmada Park, The Griya, Ampenan Old Town, Penujak Village, and Beleka Village.

Culinary in Mataram is no less delicious, you know! You can enjoy tanjung satay made of mackerel or barracuda fish. Then there is also a delicious culinary called Taliwang chicken plus eggplant duck which is a typical Mataram vegetable. In addition, don’t forget to enjoy other culinary delights such as bebalung, puyung racing rice, or rembiga satay. Ouch, so drooling!

3. Ubud, Bali

Now, let’s enjoy the beauty of the Island of the Gods Bali. Actually there are many beautiful cities in Bali, but according to the magazine for reference for world travelers from New York, namely ‘Travel + Leisure‘ included Ubud in the list of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Wow, that’s really cool, huh! What is the attraction of Ubud? Come on, let’s dig deeper.

Ubud is famous for its natural scenery, culture and the center of Balinese crafts which attract tourists. Thus, combining the natural attractions, history, art, and authentic Balinese culture. Artists from the European continent often enjoy the beauty of Ubud, including Balinese culture such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana dance dramas, or Kecak dance and other Balinese cultures. In fact, Ubud became a shooting location for a Hollywood film entitled ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘, that’s really cool!

One of the tourist destinations that you must visit in Ubud is the Monkey Forest or the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. The place was made specifically for monkey habitat, and a total of 340 monkeys live there. While at the location, don’t forget to put all your valuables in your bag and lock, so the monkeys don’t take it.

Then, the next tourist location is Beji Guwang, a hidden canyon in Ubud and suitable for enjoying exotic natural beauty. If you want to enjoy Balinese culture, Puri Agung Ubud is the right place for you, because there are often Balinese dance performances there. There is also the Art Market and Puri Painting Museum suitable for artists around the world. There is even a tourist location to enjoy coffee, the location is at the Bali Ubud Coffee Tour. For culinary, you can try Balinese specialties such as chicken betutu, satay lilit, kedaton, or jinggo rice.

Getting to Ubud is not difficult. When you arrive at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can go to Ubud using several land vehicles such as the Perama Bus, airport taxis, or rental vehicles. The road trip takes approximately 55 minutes by way of the Ngurah Rai Pass. Very easy, right?

4. Manado, North Sulawesi

The city on the fourth list is Manado, which is located in North Sulawesi. This city is sometimes overlooked as a tourist destination. In fact, there are so many beautiful and enchanting tourist locations. Are there any locations?

The first location, of course, is Bunaken Underwater Park. In Bunaken National Park, you will be treated to 390 species of coral reefs, 3000 species of fish, algae, and seaweed. There is also a hawksbill turtle which is categorized as rare. Lover’s paradise diving, come on! In Bunaken there is also an interesting dive site called Ship Ruins. When you get there, you’ll see a sunken German ship inhabited by tens of thousands of fish. Interestingly, Bunaken was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Then the second location is near Bunaken, namely Siladen Island which is only 45 minutes from Manado. This island offers exotic white sand, clear water, and also indulgent marine life. You must try to dive in two spots, namely Siladen Satu and Siladen Dua. If you want to try a fun family vacation location, try Manado Nature House Adventure Park which offers an ATV riding experience, and activities outbound other.

Now let’s discuss Manado culinary. The first culinary location is the Raja Oci Restaurant which serves fish-based main menus such as grilled oci fish and woku fish. Besides that there is Deep Sea Tuna House Café and Resto. You and your family can eat food by the sea. The mainstay menu is sashimi and grilled tuna.

Wow, it’s really exciting to travel to Manado! Then, how to get to Manado? It’s really easy, you just take a plane to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, you’ve arrived in Manado city! After that, you can rent a vehicle to get around Manado.

5. Balige, North Sumatra

Have you ever heard the name Balige as a city in North Sumatra? Seems like never before, huh. This city is indeed a bit foreign to our ears, but if you have been to Lake Toba, then most likely, you have been to Balige. Because Balige is quite close to Lake Toba, it took less than 2 hours to arrive. Then, what is the reason Balige must be visited?

First, Balige has mountains and natural hills with an incredibly beautiful lake background! One of the interesting things is Tarabunga Hill, where you and your family can take pictures with the background of Lake Toba, very beautiful. In addition, there are also natural attractions such as Sigura-gura Waterfall, Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba, and of course Lake Toba.

In addition to nature tourism, there are also other interesting tourist sites such as the Onan Traditional Market which has a unique and historical building architecture because it was built in the Dutch era around 1936. There is also Meat Village which has beautiful views and soothes the soul. Culinary matters, you don’t need to worry, because Balige offers a variety of typical culinary delights such as andaliman pizza, gomak noodles, and of course Toba coastal grilled fish.

There are several ways to get to Balige. However, the easiest way is by air to Silangit Airport. After that, it only takes 30 minutes to take a rental car to arrive at Balige. It’s easy, right? Good luck, yes!

6. Ambon, Maluku

We come to the last list, namely the city of Ambon, Maluku. In Ambon, you can find a lot of exoticism and natural beauty, so it is more than worth visiting and becoming the next tourist destination. In the hometown of the late Glenn Fredly, there is a hidden paradise on earth, Ora Beach. Even though it’s not right in Ambon, but in the North Seram area, it’s really close, only 20 minutes. At Ora Beach, its beauty will make you fall in love. Green hills, combined with clear sea water, plus a great place to stay vintage but exclusive, makes tourists want to stay there!

Another tourist attraction in Ambon is Molana Island. This tropical island offers a combination of white sand, clear sea water, coral reefs, and green trees. Very exotic! In addition, you are also obliged to visit other tourist attractions such as Makariki Cliff, Belgica Fort, and many others.

For culinary, calm and relaxed, because Ambon also offers a lot of delicious and special culinary, for example papeda, the staple food of Ambonese people instead of rice. Papeda is made from sago and processed into porridge. This food will be more kicking if eaten with yellow fish sauce.

Getting to Ambon is very easy, you just need to book a plane ticket to Pattimura Airport in Ambon. After that, you can use a rental car or public transportation to access tourist and culinary locations in Ambon. If so, have a good holiday and keep the health protocols in mind, okay!

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