6 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia For Diving Lovers

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Did you know that the predicate of Indonesia as Heaven on Earth by international tourists it really deserves, because there are so many attractions and charms it has. One of them is the beaches are very beautiful and suitable for diving or diving. Well, this time we will share 6 of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia that are suitable to be enjoyed by people diving. Without waiting any longer, check out the list below!

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1. Cendrawasih Bay, Papua

On the first list is Cendrawasih Bay, Papua. This destination is the widest marine waters in Indonesia, you know! You can find about 150 types of coral from 15 families scattered on the coast and the shores of the 18 islands around this bay. In addition, the marine life is also very much. There are around 209 types of fish that you can enjoy while diving, such as for example butterfly fish, angel fish, parrot fish, baronang fish, and clown fish. If you are lucky, you can also find 4 types of turtles, namely hawksbill turtles, green turtles, turtles, and leatherback turtles.

If you are interested in visiting Cendrawasih Bay, then you can go by plane from Java to Biak, Papua. After that, continue your journey by plane to Manokwari. Then to continue from Manokwari to Cendrawasih Bay which is located on Rumberpon Island, you can use longboat. This takes about 5 to 6 hours. It’s easy, right?

2. Gili Islands, Lombok

For lovers diving or snorkeling, the Gili islands in Lombok are apparently not to be missed. The reason, this area has many beautiful small islands. So, so as not to be confused about which one to choose, we will explain interesting locations that are suitable for activities diving You.

The first location is Gili Air, which is closest to Lombok. You can enjoy a lot of marine life such as sea horses, turtles, and various types of colorful fish. Here, you don’t have to worry about not being able to satisfy your diving cravings, because there are so many great locations to diving and snorkeling, and there are lots of locals renting out diving gear.

The second is Gili Meno which is adjacent to Gili Air. The island is relatively small with a small number of local residents. But it is very suitable as a honeymoon location while diving with a partner. The scenery is very beautiful, the marine life is also not inferior to Gili Air.

The third is Gili Trawangan, the island after Gili Meno and Gili Air. This island is very famous among foreign and local tourists. The charm of coral reefs and marine life is also very diverse and beautiful. There are 3 suitable locations for diving, that is Coral Garden, Turtle Point, and Blue Coral.

In addition to the 3 Gilis above, there are also Gili Kedis, Gili Kondo, Gili Kapal, Gili Bidara, and Gili Petagan. How? Interested in visiting the Gili Islands in Lombok? How to get there is not difficult, really. From Bali to Gili Trawangan is not far, just take a fast boat or fast boat from Padangbai Harbor to Gili Trawangan, it took less than 2 hours to arrive!

3. Bunaken, North Sulawesi

The next famous underwater beauty is Bunaken, North Sulawesi. The beauty of coral reefs to various types of fish is the main attraction of this location. There are so many dive points in Bunaken, so don’t be afraid to run out of places to dive. But if you’re curious about the most famous dive sites in Bunaken, don’t worry, we’ll explain them below.

According to UNESCO, the 3 most favorite dive sites in Bunaken are Fukui Point, Likuan 1, 2, and 3, and the Gap. Wow, very interesting huh? Okay, we explain one by one, yes! The first location, Fukui Point, is a diving location discovered by a Japanese citizen. You can’t find coral reefs here, instead it’s a series of underwater slopes with low, steep descents. Meanwhile, the marine life that you can find is very diverse, such as eels moray white speckled, sailfin tangs, Odonus niger, napoleon wrasse, or garden eels. You can even find 5 giant clams at a depth of 15 meters.

Location diving the second favorite is Likuan 1, 2, and 3. The attraction at this location is the beautiful panorama, calm waves, and amazing marine life. You can meet turtles, sea fan coral and sea walls with a depth of almost 200 meters. Meanwhile, the third dive site, named Gap, is no less beautiful. Cracks mean fractures, namely large cracks on the surface of the sea wall. If you are lucky, you can meet reef sharks and eagle rays that occasionally appear at this location.

To visit Bunaken, you must first go to Manado by plane or boat. After that, just go to the port of Manado to sail to Bunaken Island.

4. Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Destinations diving The fourth that is no less exciting is Wakatobi National Park, in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. If you claim to be an experienced diver, then you must visit this destination. Because a researcher named Jacques Cousteau from France stated that Wakatobi is a site diving best in the world, cool!

In fact, Wakatobi has at least 40 locations diving spread over 4 main islands. But we will only mention 4 of the best and most famous locations among tourists. The first is House Reef Wakatobi which is not far from the complex dive resort. Just use the tool snorkeling, and you will find rows of beautiful coral reefs and marine life. Next there is Cornucopia which is around Tomia Island. There, you will see the beauty of coral reefs that look like vertical walls with a depth of 20-55 meters.

Location diving third is Coral Garden. This location is at a depth of 18-25 meters around Tomia Island. The attraction is the beautiful coral reefs and various marine life such as green turtles, lobsters, to rainbow tail fish. Then the last location is Rome on the west side of Tomia Island. At this location, at a depth of 15-25 meters the level of vision when diving is still quite good. It’s really fun for lovers of diving activities!

Access to Wakatobi which comes from the abbreviation of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko islands is quite easy. It is enough to use a plane from Kendari airport to Wakatobi airport, but flights are usually only scheduled 2 times a week. If you choose the sea route, you can use a large ship from Makassar or take a regular boat from Kendari.

5. Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Let’s move on to the fifth list, namely Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. In this place you will find a lot of marine ecosystems that are still clean and virgin. One of the charming diving spots there is Kanawa Island, still in the Komodo Islands. You will find a very beautiful underwater scenery at a fairly shallow depth, so it is very suitable for snorkeling. There is also a diving spot called Manta Point, where you can enjoy the many manta rays found in this area, which is their natural habitat.

Then how to get to Komodo National Park? It’s not hard. You just need to travel to Labuan Bajo by plane. After that, from the airport, continue the journey to Kampung Ujung. Next, you can rent a boat to explore Komodo National Park!

6. Nusa Penida, Bali

Sumatra already, Lombok too. Well, now we will discuss Bali as the final destination. Nusa Penida is an island in the southeast of Bali. You can cross from Sanur beach, or through Serangan and Padang Bai ports.

In Nusa Penida, you will find many diving spots such as Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Gamat Bay. You just have to choose one of them, or even all of them if you have enough time. If you just want to enjoy manta rays, you can go to Manta Point. Or if you want to explore an underwater cave, you can visit Crystal Bay.

Well, that’s the 6 most beautiful beaches in Indonesia for lovers diving. If you have the opportunity to traveling, which one do you want to choose? Or do you want to visit all of them at once? Why not? You only live once!

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