6 Land Letters Are Mastered, Here’s the ART Mode of Nirina Zubir’s Mother Doctrine

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NBCNEWS, A total of six letters belonging to the family of artist Nirina Zubir were controlled by the household assistant (ART) of their late mother. The ART is named Riri Kasmita.

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In launching the action, Riri Kasmita collaborated with her husband, Ferdianto, and also three notaries who helped take care of it. Some of the land titles have been sold and a building has been erected by the buyer, while others are still vacant land.

Riri Kasmita has been working at the house of her late mother Nirina Zubir since 2009. Initially Riri Kasmita was hired because her own family did not accept her when she first migrated to Jakarta.

“He is nothing but my mother has a big heart to accommodate him because he is from the area and then he lived in Jakarta. His step family was not accepted because of a less harmonious relationship,” said Nirina Zubir in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday. (17/11).

“So my mother who accommodated him, finally he was in my mother’s life from 2009. He is not family at all,” he continued.

Nirina Zubir suspects that Riri Kasmita has learned about her mother’s weaknesses since she first started working as a household member. When he found out about it, Riri used it to trick his late mother Nirina Zubir to get the land certificate.

“He studied our family since 2009, what are my mother’s weaknesses, what are the weaknesses of each of us as children,” said Nirina Zubir.

Furthermore, Ernest Fardiyan Syarif’s wife said that Riri Kasmita always taught her mother Nirina Zubir to tell her children that the land certificate had been lost. In that way, he managed to trick his late mother Nirina.

“In fact, we have received a confession from him (Riri Kasmita) that apparently the letter was not lost, but my mother was taught all the time like ‘lost times yes, lost times yes, here I am, I will help, the letter will be held again, definitely can, I have acquaintances , “explained the film Paranoia player.

“Her name is my mother, her memory is not good, her physical body has also started to weaken, right, so that’s when she entered swiftly,” added Nirina Zubir.

Nirina Zubir and his brother have reported the incident to the Polda Metro Jaya in June 2021. Now, Riri Kasmita, her husband, and three notaries who helped take care of the transfer of ownership of the land certificates have been determined as such.

Riri Kasmita, Ferdianto, and one notation have been detained by the Polda Metro Jaya police. The other two are still in progress.[]


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