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6 Fairyland Themed Artist Weddings, Some are Held for Up to 7 Days!

Everyone must have their dream wedding, including the artists. They want the wedding to be a very memorable moment. No doubt, many of them choose weddings with unique concepts, one of which is fairy tale-themed artist weddings.

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To realize a marriage with this concept, it’s no wonder that many artists are willing to spend a lot of money. Then, what kind of wedding artist who has a theme like a fairy tale? Here’s the portrait and the list!

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Fabled Land Themed Wedding Artists

1. Chelsea Olivia

The fairy tale-themed artist’s first wedding was the couple Chelsea Olivia and Glenn Alinskie. The couple has been dubbed as couple goals. Apart from being far from oblique gossip, this couple had previously been in a relationship for 8 years before finally deciding to get married on October 1, 2015.

The wedding, which was held at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, was arguably very luxurious and glamorous. The concept taken is indeed a fairy tale land with royal-like decorations. Chelsea looks so beautiful with ball gown while Glenn was wearing a suit tuxedo which makes them like a pair of princess and prince from a fairy tale.

2. Sandra Dewi, One of Disney’s Fairytale-Themed Artist Weddings

fairy tale themed wedding

Sandra Dewi and her husband, Harvey Moeis, got married on November 8, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Sandra Dewi is indeed famous for image as a big fan of Disney cartoons. Not surprisingly, he also chose the concept of a fairy tale as the main concept of his marriage.

Unmitigated, the two also held their wedding at Disney Land, Tokyo, Japan. Sandra Dewi is so beautiful like a princess in a fairy tale surrounded by various Disney characters. Their wedding was broadcast live on Facebook.

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3. Ryan Dea

6 Fairyland Themed Artist Weddings, Some are Held for Up to 7 Days!

The next fairy tale-themed artist wedding is Ryana Dea. He is a soap opera and film player who has always liked the character of the princess. No wonder if for his wedding, he chose the theme of a fairy tale as the main concept.

It is known, Ryana Dea married Puadin Redi on October 16, 2016. Because of his love for the fairy tale princess, it is known that the chosen wedding cake is in the form of a magnificent castle.

4. Artist Tasya Farasya’s wedding with the theme of luxury fairy tales

fairy tale themed wedding

Tasya Farasya also held a wedding with a fairy tale theme. It is known, Tasya was married by Ahmad Assegaf in 2018.

Their second marriage was indeed quite horrendous to the public because it was said that it cost a lot of money. In addition, the wedding was also held for 7 consecutive days. The decorations chosen for the wedding are also very luxurious and elegant.

Tasya’s Middle Eastern face makes her the center of attention because of her resemblance to Princess Jasmine’s character. In addition, Tasya’s wedding also uses various Indonesian customs, such as Javanese and Balinese customs.

5. Rachel Vennya

fairy tale themed wedding

Rachel Vennya officially married Niko Al Hakim on January 7, 2017. However, unfortunately their second marriage only lasted for 4 years. The two officially divorced in January 2021.

When holding a wedding, Rachel Vennya and Niko also chose the concept of a fairy tale. Rachel looks elegant in a dress ball gown typical of a princess in a fairy tale, while Niko wears a princely suit. From this marriage, they have two children, Xabiru and Chava.

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6. Ria Ricis, Festive Fairytale Themed Artist’s Wedding

fairy tale themed wedding

In addition to the five artists, Ria Ricis also chose a fairy tale country as her wedding concept. On November 12, 2021, she was officially married to a man from Aceh, Tengku Ryan. The wedding that was held was very grand. Ria Ricis looks like Cinderella’s attention, while Tengku Ryan wears a princely suit.

Those are some fairy tale-themed artist weddings that have been held. Basically, having a wedding like a fairy tale is indeed the dream of many people even though you definitely have to spend more.

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