6 Anti-Covid-19 Tools That You Must Bring When On Vacation

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This pandemic period is forcing people to stay safe and stay at home. But sometimes boredom approaches and makes us stressed if we are always at home, especially for people who have a habit of taking vacations every few months.

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We are sure, when this pandemic is over, you have prepared a vacation plan to relieve the stress and boredom during quarantine. As part of preparing for the holidays, of course you must bring protective equipment to reduce the possibility of transmitting Covid, as is often socialized by the government.

To help you in that preparation, this time we will share information about 6 personal protective equipment from Covid-19 that must be carried while on vacation. What tools must be present? Let’s go straight to the first list.

1. Mask

The first and most important tool to use is a mask. In general, there are 2 types of masks, medical and non-medical masks. If you are on vacation out of town, then we highly recommend the use of medical masks that have been proven to be effective against viruses and germs. The most effective masks against virus particles are the N99 or N95 types. Both masks can be used about 3 times.

After that, there is a green surgical medical mask. This type of medical mask is a great choice if you feel that N99 and N95 masks are too expensive. However, this mask cannot be used repeatedly, only one time use.

As for non-medical masks, there are several types of coating materials used, ranging from t-shirts, wet wipes, kitchen rags, bed linen, to waterproof cotton fabrics. However, based on research from Cambridge University, kitchen rags, cotton blends, and linens are considered to be the most effective at holding back virus particles. So, those are the types of masks on the market, which one will you choose?

2. Spray Hand Sanitizer and soap

Usually in hotels or public places, a spray has been provided hand sanitizer or soap. But, you still have to bring them both to keep them hygienic wherever you are. If you have only one container, then prioritize soap over hand sanitizer.

Why is that? Because soap is considered more effective in removing viruses and germs, even more dangerous than Covid-19. This was explained by UCI Health and The Centers for Disease and Prevention. Because soap is effective in destroying the surface membrane of bacteria and viruses. Wash hands and feet with soap for at least 20 seconds so that the disinfectant in the soap can kill germs and viruses completely.

Meanwhile, if soap is not available and you trapped really, then you can buy hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol for a thorough cleaning. Rub hands evenly until dry after using hand sanitizer so that germs and viruses can be completely eliminated. Only use hand sanitizer can intensely make the skin dry and cracked, because of the alcohol contained in it. So, which one will you choose? Liquid soap or hand sanitizer?

3. Face Shield and Head Cover

Face shield or face shield is the next powerful tool to ward off black magic, err, the Covid-19 virus while on vacation. face shield can prevent small particles from hitting the face because it is blocked by plastic material. Also, don’t forget to combine it with a headgear to cover the entire area of ​​your face and head.

There are many models and designs face shield on the market. Like the example face shield standard tied to the head, face shield anti dew made of mica polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and cannot reflect light and cannot cause dew, or face shield thick glass that is often used by medical personnel who have a head covering.

If you use a face shield that is not equipped with a head covering, then you can use a medical type of headgear that is for single use only, or a non-medical type that you can easily find in the market, such as a beanie hat, baseball, fedora, or maybe a hat. bucket. So, the face to the head can be covered from exposure to bacteria and viruses.

4. Gloves

If you like to handle various things while on vacation, such as items in the gift center, tables and chairs while eating at a restaurant, or maybe touching the hotel reception desk, you will really need the fifth tool, namely gloves.

In general, gloves are divided into medical and non-medical types. Yep. just like a mask. For the medical type, it is made of latex material that is not easily torn, flexible, and safe to use. However, non-medical types are more often made of cloth and knitted wool.

If you have difficulty and are difficult to find a medical one, you can also use a non-medical one. As long as it’s waterproof (waterproof) and not used for too long. After about 4 hours of use, immediately replace with other gloves, then wash the dirty gloves. Then when using gloves, never touch the face area, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth, so that the viruses and bacteria in the gloves don’t spread through the face area.

5. Antiseptic Wipes

The fifth tool is antiseptic wipes, which must have been circulating in your favorite stores. You can use the tissue to wipe objects or objects that you will use such as tables, chairs, and others. Antiseptic wipes are usually wet and are not suitable for drying hands.

Therefore, you must also bring dry tissue to dry your hands after rinsing with soap and water. Also, if the antiseptic wipes run out, you can use dry wipes that have been sprayed on hand sanitizer in order to sterilize the objects you will touch.

6. Personal Equipment

The last point on this list and no less important is to use personal utensils while on vacation such as spoons, forks, places to drink and eat, and tools of worship. The government has recommended avoiding the use of tools that have been touched by other people and whose cleanliness is not guaranteed.

In addition, there are also tools for physical contact with certain objects such as doorknobs, ATM machines, or parking ticket machines. What does it look like? Try to search on search engines with keywords Hygiene Hand Toolor Corona Finger Extension, then an example of an anti-virus physical contact tool will appear. The tool is quite helpful as a substitute for fingers, you know! The shape is also quite cute, and unique to be stored as accessories. Curious to try it?

Well, those are 6 anti-Covid-19 tools that you must bring and use while on vacation. Do you already have the tools above? Or have you prepared a list as a default during the holidays? Tell us in the comments, okay? Happy holidays and keep the health protocols!

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