44 Thousand Non-PNS Islamic Religious Education Teachers Receive MoRA Incentives Total Rp66 Billion | NBCNEWS

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The incentives are transferred directly to the beneficiary’s account.

Dream – The Ministry of Religion has disbursed a budget of Rp66 billion for incentives for non-PNS Islamic Religious Education (PAI) teachers. A total of 44 thousand teachers will receive these incentives.

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“Incentive assistance for non-PNS PAI teachers is an affirmation of the Ministry of Religion for the welfare of PAI teachers in schools,” said Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, in a written statement.

Gus Yaqut said that the incentive assistance is an additional income for non-PNS PAI teachers at schools that have not been certified and have not received a teacher professional allowance. He hopes the teachers can be motivated to work even harder.

The Director General of Islamic Education at the Ministry of Religion, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, said this incentive was given to non-civil servant PAI teachers at Elementary Schools (SD), Junior High Schools (SMP), High Schools (SMA), Vocational High Schools (SMK), and Middle Schools. Outstanding (SLB) at all levels.

“Each of them will get Rp. 1.5 million withholding tax,” said Dhani.

Furthermore, he explained that the incentives were sent directly to the beneficiary’s account. Dhani emphasized that there were no deductions other than taxes and there should be no deductions by any party.

“No reduction, deduction, or levy is allowed for any reason, in any form, and by any party, except for taxes in accordance with applicable regulations and/or interbank transfer fees,” said Dhani.

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Recipient Criteria

He also added that incentives for the 2021 fiscal year will be given to non-PNS PAI teachers who meet the requirements as recipients. Meanwhile, the eligible teachers are determined through the application of the Religious Teacher Information and Administration System (SIAGA) based on the order of priority.

“Teachers who have served for a long time are one of the priorities. Teachers who have educational qualifications are also considered to be a priority scale,” he said.

The following are the criteria for receiving non-PNS PAI teacher incentives:

  1. PAI teachers are not civil servants who are still actively teaching in Kindergarten, SD/LB, SMP/LB, SMA/LB or SMK,
  2. Recorded in SIAGA as of March 2021,
  3. Not the recipient of the Teacher Professional Allowance,
  4. Have a Unique Number of Educators and Education Personnel (NUPTK),
  5. Haven’t Entered Retirement Age.
  6. Length of service as an educator, evidenced by a certificate starting from the date of teaching,

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Non-PNS Madrasah Teacher Incentives Start to Disburse, Here’s the Procedure for Taking it

Dream – The incentives for non-PNS madrasa teachers have started to dissipate. This search is given to teachers and education personnel directly through the account.

Director of Teachers and Madrasah Education Personnel, Director General of Education at the Ministry of Religion, Muhammad Zain, said that teachers whose names were registered were able to activate accounts so that funds could be received immediately.

“Recipient teachers can already carry out the account activation process at the allowance channeling bank,” said Zain, quoted from Ministry of Religion.

Zain explained that there are several requirements for the bank account activation process. The requirements are to show e-KTP, Certificate of Entitlement to Receive Incentive Allowance, and Statement of Absolute Responsibility which can be downloaded at SIMPATIKA and then printed.

“So madrasa teachers who are not civil servants who are recipients of this incentive allowance should immediately access SIMPATIKA,” said Zain.

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Bringing Documents from SIMPATIKA

Later, teachers will get information from the SIMPATIKA application. The information contains the NPK that has been recorded in SIMPATIKA, NIK (in the NIK CORE column), name on the account, account number, name of the channeling bank, and branch of the channeling bank.

The document is downloaded and then printed. Then the receiving teacher brings the printed document to the channeling bank for the account activation process.

“The bank will activate the account based on the documents and the teacher’s ID card,” said Zain.

Furthermore, Zain asked the teachers receiving incentives to immediately process the disbursement. So that the incentive funds can be received immediately.

“I invite madrasa teachers who are not PNS recipients of incentives to immediately process this through SIMPATIKA and activate accounts at channeling banks,” he said.

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Incentive for Non-PNS Madrasah Teachers Liquid Early October 2021

Dream – The Ministry of Religion will immediately disburse incentives for non-PNS madrasa teachers. The search was carried out in stages for teachers who teach at Raudlatul Athfal (RA), Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI), Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs), and Madrasah Aliyah (MA).

Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas said the Order for Payment of Funds (SPPD) had been issued. Furthermore, the State Treasury Service Office (KPPN) immediately distributes the funds that have been allocated in the Ministry of Religion’s Work Plan and Budget (RKAKL) to the channeling bank accounts to be forwarded to the teachers.

“We estimate that by the end of September or early October 2021, these funds will be able to enter the accounts of teachers, not civil servants receiving incentives,” Yaqut said in a written statement.

Gus Yaqut said this incentive was given to motivate non-PNS teachers to work harder to improve the quality of education. So that there is an increase in the teaching and learning process and student achievement in RA and madrasas.

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Defrosting Process

The Director General of Islamic Education at the Ministry of Religion, M Ali Ramdhani, said teachers who meet the criteria will receive this incentive. Meanwhile, the quota is set proportionally based on the number of teachers in each province.

“Previously, the teacher incentive budget was in the regions. For 2021, the disbursement of incentives was carried out centrally, through the budget of the Directorate General of Islamic Education,” said Dhani.

Later, explained Dhani, the incentives will go into the recipient’s account. So no longer take care of a number of posts.

“Incentive allowances for non-PNS teachers at RA or madrasah are distributed to teachers who are entitled to receive them directly into the account of the teacher in question,” he said.

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Criteria for Non-PNS Madrasah Teachers to Receive Incentives

While the receiving teacher must meet the following criteria:

1. Actively teaching in RA, MI, MTs or MA/MAK and enrolled in the SIMPATIKA program (Information System for Educators and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Religion);
2. Have not passed the certification;
3. Have a Ministry of Religion PTK Number (NPK) and or a Unique Number of Educators and Education Personnel (NUPTK);
4. Teachers who teach at the base administration unit under the guidance of the Ministry of Religion;
5. Status as a Non-Civil Servant Madrasah Permanent Teacher who is appointed by the Government/Regional Government, Head of State Madrasah and/or leadership of education providers organized by the community for a minimum period of 2 years continuously, and is recorded at the base administration unit in madrasas that have an establishment permit from the Ministry of Religion and carry out their main duties as teachers.
6. Meet the academic qualifications of S-1 or D-IV;
7. Fulfill the workload of at least 6 hours face-to-face at the Satminkal;
8. Not recipients of similar assistance whose funds are sourced from the DIPA of the Ministry of Religion.
9. Not yet of retirement age (60 years).
10. Do not switch status from RA teachers and madrasah.
11. Not bound as permanent staff in institutions other than RA or madrasah.
12. Not holding concurrent positions in the executive, judicial, or legislative institutions.

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