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160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

One of the most enjoyable things about waiting for your little one’s birth is to come up with a nice baby name for him. Remembering the name is a prayer that the baby will carry throughout his life. Parents can choose a name that is not only cool to hear but also has a good and beautiful meaning. The hope is that in the future the little one will grow according to the good meaning contained in his name.

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We provide reference names and their meanings for Parents below. Come on, see!

81 Baby Boy Names With Good Meaning

AC Alphabet

  1. Abhisheva means brave and good
  2. Adam means son of the earth
  3. Akhtar means Star, constellation; good omen of stars, constellations; good sign
  4. Akmal means perfect, very clever
  5. Alkhalifi means the next generation, crown prince
  6. Alby means noble people who are smart, intelligent, respected
  7. andrian it means manly, brave, dashing
  8. Arya it means honorable
  9. Aksa it means a person who always has a clear face
  10. Almeer it means noble man
  11. Arion it means enchanting, captivating
  12. Arvin means a good friend to everyone
  13. Arsya means noble power
  14. Arsyila it means happy and perfect
  15. Amran means prosperity
  16. Aliando means noble and happy
  17. Aydin means steadfastness and wisdom
  18. Bagaskara it means the sun is shining
  19. Bahran it means luminous
  20. Basyar means bearer of good news
  21. Bastian means a gift from God
  22. Billy means someone who is determined to protect
  23. Ben it means passionate
  24. Bobby means brilliant person
  25. Busran it means happy news
  26. Earth means an earth or ground that is stepped on
  27. Beltran it means the crow is brave and luminous
  28. Bayu it means refreshing wind
  29. World it means a universe
  30. Brian means a winner
  31. Calhoun it means full of inspiration, very creative
  32. Cedric means gentle, good at taking care of other people’s feelings.

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good name

DJ Alphabet

  1. Dhafin it means full of goodness, love
  2. Danish means knowledge, wisdom
  3. Dzaki: means smart
  4. Delano it means God’s gift
  5. Dafa means someone who is loyal to defend
  6. Danar means an archer
  7. Dani it means closeness
  8. Daniel it means God is a just judge
  9. Darwin means a trustworthy friend
  10. Deri means wise person
  11. Dika means intelligence
  12. Evano it means the most beautiful gift of God
  13. Ersya means an enthusiastic and intelligent child
  14. Ezra it means help
  15. Ephraim means someone who always does well
  16. Evander it means a good man

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nice name baby-featured 2

  1. Farrell means very loyal, compassionate, pioneer
  2. Farzan it means wise
  3. Fadil/Fadlan main meaning
  4. Gunadhya means wealth in goodness
  5. Gavin means white eagle
  6. Gilang means a strong child
  7. Hanif means a straight person, honest
  8. Hafiz means a guard
  9. Heydar means someone who is brave
  10. Jonathan means God’s gift
  11. Jashper it means a tough lion
  12. Justin means someone who is fair

Alphabet KN

160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

  1. cafe means responsible, respected, popular
  2. Kalandra means a cheerful child who brings joy in society
  3. Kenan or Keenan means firm, sharp, determined, and willing to sacrifice
  4. Keanu it means cool breeze from the top of the mountain
  5. Kenzie means a wise leader and can give justice
  6. Kenzo means intelligence and humility
  7. Labib means common sense, smart, fun
  8. Malik it means good sir
  9. Maulana means protector and true leader
  10. Nadiem means partner, friend
  11. Nara means happiness
  12. Naufal means generous and generous
  13. Nevan means holy, clean, honest

Nice Name Alphabet PZ

160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

  1. Pramudya means wise, good
  2. Pradipa it means luminous
  3. Pranadipa meaning meaning in life
  4. Prabudi means true, smart, loyal
  5. Parviz means a lucky child, lucky.
  6. Rafie means high, noble
  7. Uwais means gift or blessing
  8. Sachio means born with luck, success
  9. Zayan means beauty and friendliness

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79 Good Meaning Baby Girl Names

nice name for baby girl

Good Name Alphabet AC

  1. Aneska means clean, pure, holy
  2. Abila means beautiful, charming, kind
  3. Atiya means gift
  4. Ayesha means good
  5. Ayudia means beautiful, clean
  6. Anindira it means brave
  7. Azkadina means obedient to religion, holy, clean
  8. Azkia means obedient and pious daughter
  9. Badriyah it means like the full moon
  10. Barihah it means bright light
  11. Brina means a princess
  12. Barsha it means rain
  13. Customs means bringer of happiness
  14. Bela it means a beautiful princess
  15. Belinda it means beautiful princess
  16. Benita means a blessed woman
  17. Star it means a shining star
  18. Month it means something that shines in the sky
  19. Brigitta it means a strong and firm woman
  20. Twinkle it means shining bright
  21. Cali: The most beautiful
  22. Ciara means bright and clean
  23. Camilla means famous, religious

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160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

Alphabet DF

  1. Danita means Goddess of Beauty
  2. Durah it means pearl
  3. Davina it means loved
  4. Diandra means goddess of help
  5. goddess means a princess and a goddess
  6. Fund means prosperity
  7. Virgin it means a woman who is elegant and smart
  8. Della means someone who is elegant
  9. Devi means a goddess who lives in peace
  10. Eliza means unique, valuable
  11. Elina it means smart woman
  12. Elvina means friendly and wise
  13. Erina it means beautiful woman
  14. Eshal meaning the name of the flower in heaven
  15. Faeyza it means success, life increases, luck
  16. Fergie means gentle, kind, hardworking. Fashionable and polite. Always blessed.
  17. Florence means very caring, compassionate. Communicator.

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Good Name Alphabet GI

good name

  1. Gayatri means it has 3 powers
  2. Ghaitsa it means the cloud that rains
  3. Ghana it means beautiful and beautiful
  4. Gaia means an earth
  5. Gabriel means an angel who brings a message of goodness
  6. Geby means the power of God
  7. excited it means a nice person
  8. Gina means someone who is superior or smart
  9. Haya it means good outwardly
  10. Hannah it means good
  11. Hasna means beautiful, pretty, enough
  12. Inshira means relief, joy, full of love
  13. Iffah means honor, holiness
  14. Indira means friendly, artistic, gentle, kind, hardworking

JQ alphabet

160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

  1. Jihan it means beautiful flower
  2. Jovanka means a gift from God
  3. Jovita it means kind
  4. Kanaya It means a peaceful and happy way of life
  5. Khaira means the light of goodness, praiseworthy, and noble
  6. Kyla it means beauty that can only be described with poetry, beautiful
  7. Kirei means beautiful, charming, white
  8. Kinara it means beauty protected by thorns
  9. Lamia means full of intelligence, reliable, firm
  10. Mishal means light, beautiful, popular
  11. Nafiza it means a very precious gem
  12. Nadia it means hope
  13. Nadine it means goodness and hope
  14. Nastusha means the kindest, beautiful, and friendly
  15. Nisaka it means beautiful like the moon, charming, shining
  16. Neysha means clean, pure, holy
  17. Qiana it means a girl with a soft heart

160 Good Meaningful Children's Names That Are Favorites for Indonesian Parents

SZ alphabet good name

  1. Shafiqa it means loving, affectionate, sweet
  2. Taleetha means beautiful, smart, popular young woman
  3. Verlyn means responsible and trustworthy.
  4. Violet means it has potential. Intuitive and clever.
  5. Vivienne means not depending on others. Respectful, fine.
  6. Xandra meaning perceptive and responsive. Strong willed and purposeful.
  7. Zara means logical thinking. Independent, critical towards oneself and other people
  8. Zemira it means beautiful song melody

That’s a list of names for babies that have good meaning, hopefully it can help Parents in choosing a name for your little one!

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