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A Wife Sued 1 Year in Prison for Angry Husband Hooked Drunk

A wife is imprisoned for scolding her drunken husband. This incident was experienced by a mother of two children with the initials V (45). She was sentenced to 1 year in prison for scolding her husband who had a drunken habit.

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Launching from detik.com, It is known that V’s husband with the initials CYC is from Taiwan. In the trial reading the demands at the Karang District Court (PN), the Public Prosecutor (JPU) made V a defendant.

As a public prosecutor, Glendy Priono stated that the wife who was imprisoned for angering her drunken husband was charged with article 45 paragraph 1 Junto article 5 letter b of Law Number 23 of 2004 concerning the Elimination of Domestic Violence (KDRT).

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“So this case is included in Law Number 23 of 2004 concerning the Elimination of Domestic Violence (KDRT) that obtained facts through witness statements and evidence that initials V was proven to be a defendant by being charged with Article 45 paragraph 1 Junto article 5 letter b,” said Glendy, quoting from detik.com.

Furthermore, Glendy explained that his husband had been expelled and scolded with harsh words by V until his psyche was disturbed. “So these initials CYC were expelled and scolded with harsh words,” he continued.

In this regard, V’s attorney, Iwan Kurniawan, will reveal several facts at the trial in the plenary session which will be scheduled for Thursday (18/11).

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Chronology of Wife Imprisoned for Angry Husband Drunk

A Wife Sued 1 Year in Prison for Angry Husband Hooked Drunk

Launching from CNN Indonesia, the case of the wife being imprisoned for scolding her drunken husband began when V married a man from Taiwan with the initials CYC in 2000. At that time, CYC was a widower with three children.

After the two got married, V helped CYC to raise their three children in Taiwan. However, recently married, V felt cheated by CYC.

CYC initially admitted that he did not have children and the dowry he gave turned out to be borrowed gold and borrowed money. Therefore, when he was brought to Taiwan, V had to pay CYC’s debt.

From 2000 to 2005, V admitted to working odd jobs. He became a farm laborer, factory worker, and trade. Furthermore, V confessed that her husband is an alcoholic and likes to gamble. V also said that CYC likes to play with girls.

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V Returns to Indonesia and Becomes the Backbone of the Family

In 2005, V decided to return to Karawang, West Java. He opened a building shop business and made a living from it. During that time, according to V’s narrative, CYC did not work and V became the backbone of the family that paid for CYC’s life. In 2016, V promoted her husband to change citizenship to become an Indonesian citizen (WNI).

A Wife Sued 1 Year in Prison for Angry Husband Hooked Drunk

However, instead of getting better, V and CYC’s relationship worsened due to frequent fights. In 2018, V had filed for divorce to the Karawang District Court (PN).

Not long after, the lawsuit was withdrawn because the mediation was successful. After that, on February 10, 2019, CYC abandoned V for 7 months, and in September 2019, V filed for divorce again.

From the lawsuit, the Karawang District Court granted the divorce suit and asked CYC to pay for his son’s living expenses of Rp. 13 million per month with custody falling in the hands of V.

However, it has not yet been paid by CYC. In September 2020, CYC also reported V to the West Java Police for a Psychological Domestic Violence (KDRT) Case and V became a suspect on January 11, 2021.

V was also sentenced to 1 year in prison by the public prosecutor. However, he admitted he objected.

“I object, Your Honor, what was read was not in accordance with the facts, but only because I scolded my drunken husband, I became a suspect and was sentenced to one year in prison,” said V during a trial at the Karawang District Court, West Java, Thursday ( 11/11/2021), citing Kompas.com.

Not wanting to stay silent, V, the wife who was charged with being imprisoned for angering her drunk husband, also reported CYC with the same case.

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