Watch out! Don’t Use Alcohol to Clean Wounds

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NBCNEWS – Open wound tissue is a sensitive area and prone to infection.

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You have to handle it as well as possible, starting from cleaning the wound using safe materials to closing it to avoid exposure to germs.

Although alcohol is quite effective at preventing bacterial growth, it turns out to be too harsh to use as a wound cleanser.

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This is because alcohol can cause a burning sensation and damage healthy skin tissue.

The impact of alcohol use can cause swelling and itching that can be mistaken for symptoms of wound inflammation.

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In addition, launching the Cleveland Clinic, alcohol is drying to the surface of the skin and has the potential to cause an irritating reaction.

Instead of speeding up recovery, the function of alcohol for wounds will actually make the wound healing process take longer.

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The same applies to antiseptic liquids containing hydrogen peroxide.

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