War with trucks on the Jakarta-Merak toll road, TSS Raize technology makes you calm

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Cross alert control Toyota Raize

The journey from Jakarta to Banten, apparently brought its own story for Toyota Raize, who had to fight with trucks on the Jakarta-Merak toll road. The main trade route from Java to Sumatra is no wonder it often becomes a flow for large trucks which is a challenge to try out TSS technology Toyota Raize.

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Dangerous conditions are often experienced by car drivers on the Jakarta-Merak route, one of the things that often happens, trucks often change lanes, making other car drivers who pass by must be alert.

Not infrequently even some cars have to brake suddenly while at high speed, suddenly the truck changes lanes. Not only that, small trucks also often appear suddenly without visuals that are not monitored by the driver.

Cross alert control Toyota Raize Photo: Toyota

All of these conditions often occur when the Toyota Raize travels from Jakarta to Banten. Some trucks change lanes regardless of the safe distance of cars in different lanes.

Toyota Raize TSS technology makes you calm

Toyota Raize glides on the toll road for almost 100 kilometers. Armed with 6 features, all of which are called Toyota Safety Sense, the Toyota Raize as a compact SUV has become a fairly capable car.

The driver will be assisted with an active safety system in every condition during the trip. Lots of features ranging from Pre-Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Departure Alert, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control, Rear Cross Traffic Allert & Blind Spot Monitor, and Pedal Missoperation Control.

That’s the reason why Toyota Raize as a nag car for good and safety, because all these active safety features work on a radar basis. Where all the radar is located on the front of the Toyota Raize to read road conditions.

Toyota Raize
Toyota Raize 3-cylinder engine Photo: Hops-Otobisnis

Drivers can easily get important information on the highway, ranging from blind spot signals when there are objects that are not visually monitored by the driver to Lane Departure Alert which alerts the driver when the car is out of the line of road markings.

The use of advanced technology in the form of Toyota Safety Sense is certainly very fitting to support the performance of Raize which has a very powerful engine.

Armed with a 1,000 turbo engine with a 3-cylinder configuration, of course, optimum power can be easily hooked.

Toyota Raize
Toyota Raize Photo: Hops-Otobisnis

Of course, thanks to the safety features in the form of Toyota Safety Sense, Raize’s maneuvers and movements on the road can be safer. You can easily get a fun driving aka fun to drive experience using the Toyota Raize.

To experience TSS technology, you just need to choose the Raize type 1.0T Gazoo Racing (GR) Sport TSS car.

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