UI Professor Delivers Good News on Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia

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NBCNEWS – Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI), Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, said that the Covid-19 case in Indonesia had similarities with India.

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The reason is, the cases of covid-19 in these two countries have been sloping because almost all of their citizens have been infected by the corona virus.

He explained that India conducted research on COVID-19 antibody tests for its citizens in two major cities, namely New Delhi as the State Capital and Mumbai as an industrial center.

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“In New Delhi, 90 percent of the community’s antibody test results came out. Then in Mumbai, 86 percent were positive,” said Tjandra in a webinar themed on preventing the third wave of Covid-19, Tuesday (16/11).

Tjandra analyzed that the infection of almost all of the people in the two big cities was one of the factors in how India managed to suppress the rate of COVID-19 infection, as well as cases that continue to slop to this day.

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The man who once lived in India who served as Director of the WHO said that the pattern of the Covid-19 spike and sloping in India had the same pattern as what happened in Indonesia.

“Indonesia had a very high spike in cases in mid-2021, then cases declined systematically in the following two months and remained sloping,” he explained.

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Nevertheless, Tjandra emphasized that the whole world is still engulfed in uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic which has been around for almost two years.

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