Tubagus Joddy Called the Cause of Vanessa Angel’s Deadly Accident, Family Opens Up

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NBCNEWS – Vanessa Angel’s driver, Tubagus Joddy, is said to be the person most responsible for the deadly accident that occurred on the Jombang Toll Road, East Java, on November 4, 20211. The incident claimed the lives of Vanessa and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah.

The police said Tubagus Joddy was sleepy so he could not control the car he was driving. The public became even more angry when information emerged that said Joddy had used a cellphone while driving.

Tubagus Joddy has been named a suspect and is being held at the Jombang Police Headquarters. Joddy’s parents also apologized for the accident that killed Vanessa Angel and her husband.

“I, the family of Tubagus Joddy, apologize profusely to the families of the victims of the late Aunt and late Ms. Vanessa for this incident,” said Tubagus Joddy’s father, Tubagus Endang Lesmana, in the Bogor area, West Java, Monday (15/11).

Not to forget, Tubagus Endang Lesmana also expressed his deep condolences for the loss of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah.

“We, the big family of Tubagus Joddy, express our deepest condolences to the deceased and the deceased. May they be given a spacious place by His side and the families left behind are given patience and fortitude. He is both good people, may Allah bless you,” he said.

Despite his negligence, Tubagus Endang Lesmana believes that Tubagus Joddy is a good person. Endang also ensured that his son would cooperate with the ongoing legal process.


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