Troubled Referee League 1-League 2 Has Been Banned, but Not Announced | NBCNEWS

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PSSI chairman Mochamad Iriawan spoke about the refereeing controversy in the BRI Liga 1 and Liga 2 2021. The action against the referee has been taken, it’s just that it cannot be published.

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The controversial refereeing decisions have re-adorned Indonesian football since it was rolled out again in the middle of this year. One of the classic problems of Indonesian football seems like a disease that is difficult to fix.

Unfair refereeing leadership is closely related to match fixing. Moreover, recently there was a case of match fixing by five players from Perserang Serang and one player from Persic Cilegon.

PSSI itself has given an official statement regarding the performance of the referee. PSSI Referee Committee Chairman Ahmad Riyadh once stated that his party would immediately evaluate the field court judges who were considered problematic last October.

It’s just that until now there is no continuation. The public also wonders whether the referees have been sanctioned by the federation.

“The decision about the referee is already there, it’s just not delivered yet. People think that maybe no action will be taken,” said Iriawan while talking to reporters in Jakarta, Monday (15/11/2021).

“We will first check whether it is permissible for the decision about the referee to be published. I’m afraid there is a FIFA rule that prohibits it. If players are involved, it can be announced. The referee doesn’t know yet,” he added.

There were about six matches that were investigated because of the referee’s leadership which was considered unfair. Namely the match against Persik Kediri against Bali United, Bhayangkara Vs Persiraja Banda Aceh, Persija Jakarta Vs Arema FC, PSBS Biak Vs Kalteng Putra, Rans Cilegon Vs Badak Lampung, to Borneo FC VS Persita Tangerang.

Some of the matches above the referee’s mistakes even affected the results of the match. For example Rans Cilegon who won 1-0 due to a controversial penalty.

Or Persija who was forced to lose because the equalizer goal at the end of the match was not approved by the referee. Even though there were no violations or offsides that made Persija have to be tolerant the goal was not validated.

Persija even reported referee Oki Dwi Putra because they felt aggrieved. Regarding this matter, there is no statement from PSSI regarding the evaluation decisions of problematic referees.

“There are referees who have been rested. Anyway, if there is a referee who doesn’t lead the match in the next match, it means he will be sanctioned,” said Iriawan.

“The referee is one of PSSI’s concerns. We have even made the referees prosperous. Previously, the salary was Rp. 3.5 million, now it is 10 million (per game. Now it is the COVID-19 pandemic, but instead the salary has increased, “he said.

“This is proof of our commitment. Hopefully by increasing the referee’s salary, they can do a good job. The decision about the referee already exists, it just hasn’t been conveyed yet,” he said again.

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