These are the 10 Countries with the Most Unique Wedding Traditions, Some Smiles Are Forbidden!

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Have you ever imagined stepping on a human during a wedding? Or can’t smile at all? Maybe you are surprised to hear our question, because it is very unique and unusual. But these things have become a tradition in several countries, you know! Well, this time we will share 10 countries with the most unique wedding traditions. What countries are there? If so, just check the first list below.

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1. Toilet Bowl in France

Who would have thought that the French city, which is famous for its delicious food and the Eiffel Tower, actually has a unique and unusual wedding tradition! What’s the tradition like? During the wedding procession, there is a bowl-shaped toilet which will later be filled with leftover food, alcohol, and whatever the guests want. Duh, just imagining it is already a bit nauseous huh. The food mixed in the toilet bowl will later be eaten by the bride and groom to be strong for the first night.

2. Groom’s Feet Hit in South Korea

If France has a toilet bowl tradition, South Korea has a tradition of hitting the groom’s feet! Wow, why is it more like torture? Eits, calm down, this tradition is not done seriously. Usually the groom’s foot is hit with dried fish, so it doesn’t hurt so much. Again, this tradition is intended to make the bride and groom, especially the groom, strong to face the first night.

3. No Smiling in Congo

Usually the purpose of marriage is for the happiness of the two brides who fall in love with each other. But it seems different in Congo. You see, the local Congolese do marriages for ‘exchange’. Yes, you read it right. Marriage in the Congo aims to obtain daily necessities, provided that they exchange them with one of the bride and groom. So that’s the term barter. Well, in the process of marriage there is a tradition of not smiling. If one of the guests or family smiles, then they don’t take the wedding seriously. Wow, what a unique tradition.

4. Flush the Squash in Scotland

Already disgusted by toilet bowl food in France? That means you must know the fourth list that comes from the Viking Country, Scotland. Well, there is a unique tradition where the bride and groom, usually the bride, are doused with water, a kind of sewer, which is a mixture of all the leftovers in the kitchen such as sauce, fish, meat, flour, oil, and so on. Because it is similar to sewage water, we call it the tradition of flushing sewage water. After being watered, usually the bride doesn’t take a shower immediately, but instead plays all night with her friends. Of course there is a brilliant goal behind this tradition, namely that the bride must be ready to face all the ups and downs of married life.

5. Marrying a Tree in India

In India there are some unique traditions which we will discuss shortly. The first is to marry a tree. Wow, seriously? Yep, really serious. You will meet some Indian women who embrace intimately with trees. But not all women can do it, only women mangalik alone can do it, and this mangalik woman is forbidden to marry a man because it is believed to bring havoc. Mangalik or manglik is a person born under the influence of the planets Mars and Saturn according to Hindu astrology. The phenomenon is also called mangala dosha or the mars effect.

Another tradition that is no less unique is painting the bride’s body with ink called henna. In addition there is also a tradition of seizing the groom’s shoes. Wow, there are many unique wedding traditions in India. Have you ever witnessed those traditions?

6. Cry for a month in China

China also has many unique traditions, one of the most interesting is that the bride must cry at least an hour a day for 1 month before the wedding ceremony. Not only the bride, all female family members must be ready to cry when it’s time. The purpose of this tradition is that when the wedding arrives, the bride will get enormous happiness.

7. Spitting in Kenya

Kenya’s situation is almost similar to that of Congo, namely the process of marriage is not to unite two hearts that love each other, but rather like a forced marriage. In Kenya, marriage is usually done like a matchmaker, two members meet to marry off their child, so it doesn’t matter whether the couple loves each other or not, the important thing is that they get married. Well, one of the unique traditions at weddings in Kenya is that the bride will be spat on by her father to bring good fortune.

8. Stepping Plate in Germany

Who has vacationed in Germany? If not, hopefully one day you will be able to go there and witness the unique wedding tradition of stepping on the plate! No, it’s not barefoot debugging, but it’s done safely in shoes. Usually this tradition is carried out a day or a week before the wedding. So all the friends of the bride and groom got together and broke the porcelain plate on the floor. When finished, the bride and groom work together to clean up all the dirt, as they would do after marriage. Romantic too!

9. Trample Humans in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is an island nation known for its natural attractions, and the capital city is Tahiti. Similar to but different from the plate stamping tradition in Germany, it turns out that the wedding tradition on Marquesas Island, French Polynesia, is more barbaric, the bride and groom trampling on their family!

On the island, there is a tradition where the groom’s family who are still healthy and fit will lie on the floor and then their bodies will be passed by the bride and groom! Wow, it’s like a carpet, yes. So it seems that it has become an unwritten rule that the bride and groom must first go on a diet before doing this tradition.

10. Holding back defecation in Indonesia

On the last list is our beloved country, Indonesia. It turns out that in Indonesia there are so many unique wedding traditions, ranging from the groom giving a dowry according to the strata of the bride, kidnapping the bride, to holding back defecation! Unique right?

Now, we will discuss the last mentioned tradition, which is to refrain from defecating. The tradition was carried out by Tidung residents in Kalimantan. Usually, this tradition is carried out for 3 days in a row and the bride and groom are prohibited from urinating and defecating. They even eat and drink very little. If violated, they believe they will have terrible misfortune!

Well, that’s the 10 countries with the most unique wedding traditions. In your opinion, which country is the most unique? Let us know in the comments column yes!

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