These are signs that a man isn’t attracted to you based on your zodiac sign

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NBCNEWS – The PDKT period can be both exciting and decisive. Acquaintance, then try to try a walk together. One or two runs and on and on, if he’s your ideal type it might blow your mind. But walking, hanging out, and chatting are enough to indicate he has feelings for you. Not necessarily either. Especially if your relationship with him is not progressing.

Actually, ladies, if you want to be honest with yourself, there are signs that you can see, from attitude, gesture, and response, whether he is interested in you or not. It’s just that the problem is, women like to deny. But it’s better to recognize it early and be honest with yourself, than to clap your hands and be heartbroken later. Here are the signs a guy is not interested in you, judging by his zodiac sign.

Aries suddenly becomes arrogant
Aries man is actually a fun and loyal man. And it actually tends to be young to read an Aries when he likes or dislikes you. When an Aries doesn’t like it or isn’t comfortable, it will show. For example, when you’re spending time together, notice if he’s playing with his phone more than he’s paying attention to your conversations? Does he often check his watch, or pay attention to something else? This is a sign that he is not interested in you. Worse, when he’s completely disinterested, he acts haughty.

Taurus Won’t Be Romantic
Women always want to be noticed, pampered, and treated romantically. Even if you’re not a girlfriend. The status is still close. Don’t dream, ladies, if your crush is Taurus then you expect to be treated romantically. Showered with gifts, treated special. Especially if he’s not really interested in you. They are known to be cool when they are not interested. Taurus doesn’t hesitate to ignore your messages or reply briefly if he doesn’t have feelings for you.

Gemini Won’t Find Out Much About You
When a Gemini isn’t interested in you it’s easy to see. He won’t talk much. When you are enthusiastic about talking about yourself, about his views, or other interesting things that are happening around us, he will not be eager to respond. Likewise, he won’t want to know much about you, won’t ask much about you. This means he has no more interest, he only sees you as a friend.

Cancer will be a boring person when they feel uninterested
Cancer men are known to love deep relationships and intense conversation. The goal is to make their partner feel truly loved. So, if you’re around a Cancer guy but are boring to talk to, that’s a sign that he doesn’t have feelings for you.

Leo will not be rude and friendly
Leo is one of the zodiac signs who like the spotlight, so it’s no wonder that Leo men often act to seek attention from someone they like. Not only that, Leo men are also famous for throwing tantrums at women who captivate their hearts.
So, if the Leo guy you’re close to is always acting normal, it’s time for you to stop liking him. Because he’s not interested in you.

Virgo will be a geeky guy
When you don’t like a woman, a Virgo man can seem a little annoying. He will always find fault and make a fuss about trivial things from you. This is done to create distance between you and him. If you don’t understand, and can’t read the signal, and you’re still aggressively approaching him, don’t be surprised, Virgo can be rude to scold you.

Libra will make distance
The signs the Libra guy shows when he doesn’t like you enough are pretty obvious too. Even though they are enthusiastic at first, they will start to distance themselves when they realize that they are not interested in you. In addition, they also no longer talk to you or no longer invite you to go out together.
Though usually attentive, but when it’s like this, it’s time to let him go.
Scorpio Dare To Openly Say Dislike

If you are close to a Scorpio man, you have to be mentally prepared to hear his honesty. Because the Scorpio man will be honest if he doesn’t like you. But actually, their goals are noble, you know! So that you do not expect him constantly.
When Not Interested, Sagittarius Men Will Disappear

Being close to a Sagittarius man requires a high level of patience. Because, they are famous for often ‘disappearing from civilization’ alias no news. He said, anyway, a walk, but did not contact at all. Well, that’s a sign he doesn’t miss you because he’s not really interested in you.


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