The wife of suspected terrorist Anung Al Hamat describes the irregularities of the arrest: The house was ransacked…

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Anung Al Hamat.  Photo: Special

The wife of the suspected terrorist, Anung Al Hamat, revealed the moments of her husband’s arrest which occurred on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, early in the morning.

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The arrests were made at Anung Al Hamat’s house in Sawah Village, Jati Melati Village, Pondok Melati District, Bekasi City.

When the arrests took place, said Anung’s wife, initially there were a number of people knocking on her house for permission to go inside.

Anung Al Hamat. Photo: Special

He also thought that these people were patients who asked for treatment.

When the door was opened, it turned out that the ones who came were police officers from the Police Headquarters.

Officials also explained that Anung was arrested because he was suspected of being involved in a terrorist network.

“Those who came said they came from Headquarters, they said my husband was suspected of being a terrorist,” said Anung’s wife at a press conference held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

After receiving information that her husband had been arrested, she felt weak and refused while the officers wanted to conduct a search.

“I told you later when they gave me a letter and wanted to come in to search, because I was still weak and my baby was there,” he said.

Anung’s wife also explained that during the search, the officers consisting of the anti-terror Detachment 88 ransacked her house.

He was also asked about various sources of funding, especially Anung’s tuition fee.

“After that they came in, my house was searched until it was disheveled, there was also a video. Everything was messy, I was asked about the source of the funds, basically everything was asked. My husband’s S1, S2 lectures were also asked where the money came from,” he explained.

During the search, the officers seized several pieces of evidence. However, to Anung’s wife’s disappointment, the police also confiscated the pilgrims’ passports.

Anung’s wife also revealed something odd, where when the police confiscated evidence, she did not receive a certificate that recorded what evidence was secured.

“Everything was taken there, my cellphone, my husband’s cellphone, he said it wasn’t allowed to be videoed and photographed the evidence that was brought. I am disappointed that there is a passport, my husband is in the travel business, all of the pilgrims have been taken,” he said.

“I said like this, this one belongs to the congregation, can I just take this one. But they said they couldn’t,” he said.

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